May 26


Get Back into Whack Workbook

By Sue Ingebretson

May 26, 2020

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Have you ever wished for a life improvement plan that’s written out for you? Would you like a guide detailing how to restore your mind and body? It’s your lucky day — the Get Back into Whack Workbook has arrived as a new Amazon release!

This workbook solves the following annoying problems. Have you ever finished reading a book and thought, “Now what?” Have you wondered where to start or what to do first (much less what to do after that)?

Yep, me too.

That’s why workbooks are so handy. In one simple, tangible resource, you can find the guidance you need to move forward with your healing plans – one simple step at a time.

Most people want to follow simple practices that can truly move the needle when it comes to their health goals. But why don’t they? Some want to change their eating behaviors, others want to stop procrastinating when it comes to fitness or exercise programs. Still others are looking for support when it comes to willpower and motivation to make the changes they need.

But what actually causes us to take action?

My Get Back into Whack Workbook * answers all of these questions – and more. This workbook serves as a guide and pathway toward a healthier YOU.

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What You’ll Discover in the Get Back into Whack Workbook

My newest book, Get Back into Whack Workbook outlines the science of healing as well as my own personal pathway to recovery from chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease. This step-by-step roadmap pairs perfectly with my book, Get Back into Whack.

What’s inside?

  • Get Back into Whack chapter recap questions, plus surveys, study topics, and more…
  • Practical, yet life-changing themes to set you up for success
  • Space to discover, journal, dream, and doodle
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines flexible enough for customization
  • Additional information to the book, Get Back into Whack
  • 30-Day Quick-Start Guide
  • BONUS: 12-Week Action Guide – 90 Days and Beyond!

A Brief Healing History of Sue’s Books

When I wrote my first book, FibroWHYalgia – I wanted to share one simple theme – healing and transformation IS POSSIBLE. This book has been a #1 Amazon chronic illness bestseller many times. It’s been a popular seller for more than 10 years for a good reason. It delivers. It continues to share encouragement, hope, inspiration, and motivation when it comes to healing.

I wrote my next book, Chronic Coloring, once I’d put my healing protocols into practice. I shared these protocols with many, many others through coaching and teaching workshops. I shared the power of what happens when you put the brain’s needs FIRST. And the power of focusing on things we DO want in life (rather than the natural impulse to focus on what we don’t want). This became the impetus to create, Chronic Coloring.

Get Back into WhackAfter more than a decade of working with private clients and teaching classes, it became clear that I needed to spell out the details of how the brain works. I wanted to share why it does what it does on autopilot, and how it’s natural tendencies can be tweaked in our favor. I started much of this next book in 2012 and it took me over 7 years to complete it. It’s a powerhouse! A few short months ago, I introduced my “here’s how healing works” book, Get Back into Whack.

I knew as I was writing Get Back into Whack that a companion workbook was needed. I originally intended to release both book and workbook at the same time. But (as so often happens), I kept adding and refining the workbook. It became clear that I had to put off completion until a later date so that it could get the true attention it deserved. And, that date is NOW! The Get Back into Whack Workbook is available today.

Grab Get Back into Whack Workbook now for under $10

For the same price as my book on Amazon, you can buy a sequined pillow with Danny Devito’s face on it. Or purchase an inflatable pickle. (Nope, not kidding.)

But why not pick up this potentially life-changing workbook instead? It’s available right now for only $7.99 (seriously — just eight dollars?).

And, if you haven’t read Get Back into Whack already, why not put your hard-earned resources to practical use? Buy both books for less than $25. (Or, you can buy a giant blanket that looks like a tortilla so you can wrap yourself up like a burrito.)

It’s your call.

Wouldn’t you rather start your healing journey today?

*This blog post includes Amazon affiliate links where I may earn pennies that over time turn into dollars. I’m grateful for every penny I earn. 

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