September 25


How to Lose Your Fuzzy Goals and Get Sharp!

By Sue Ingebretson

September 25, 2012

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Nothing gets done without a deadline.

Have you ever noticed that this is true?

What time would you get to work if there were no official starting time? When would you pay your car registration if there were no “penalty if not paid by” date? How ‘bout turning in a term paper? How would you know when to do a last minute cram without a due date?

Like I said, nothing really gets done unless we know when we’re supposed to get it done. So, what about your health goals? Have you set a deadline for that, too?

Thinking with the end in mind is a great way to begin. It can help you to crystallize and sharpen your focus on deciding what you want and getting what you want!

Let’s use “Gaining More Energy” as an example.

Can you target an end date for “Gaining More Energy?” Nope. That’s a fuzzy goal. Let’s narrow it down. Most people are aware that they can gain more energy through better nutrition, fitness, and stress-management. So let’s pick one – we’ll begin with nutrition.

Here’s my new goal “I want to gain more energy through eating better.” Can you set a deadline for that? Not really. Take another stab. “I want to gain more energy by eating more greens.” Okay – we’re on to something. Let’s explore how to break this down even further. Remember that it’s not always a straight line. When playing around with goal-setting, there’s plenty of room for exploration of ideas. In other words – lots of wiggle room.

My goal is to eat more greens

My goal is to try new greens to see what I like

My goal is to buy untried veggies and try at least one new food per week

My goal is to experiment more in the kitchen with new veggie recipes on the weekends

My goal is to incorporate these new recipes into most of my meals

My goal is to incorporate veggies as a big part of at least 2 of my 3 meals per day

My goal is to add veggies to at least 2 out of 3 meals per day for the next 30 days

Wait a minute – did you notice that a deadline slipped in there? That last one is a very crystallized goal. Let’s look at it again:

My goal is to add veggies

to at least 2 out of 3 meals per day

for the next 30 days.

And when the 30 days are up, YOU get to decide if you feel more awake, energized, clear-headed, and aware. You get to transition a short-term goal into a life-long habit.

At that point, it’s time to revise your goal and make a new one – or add several. Add fitness practices, stress-relieving techniques and more nutritional experimentation. You get to decide what to pursue, and of course — don’t forget to set a deadline.

Have you set goals specifically intended to finish off this year off with a bang? Lifestyle goals, business goals, health goals – whatever. The time is now. You can be healthy – and have far MORE energy – through the holidays and through the New Year. Set your goals and watch them come to fruition.

If you’re having trouble with focus – you may wish to revisit this post entitled How To Stay Focused On Your Goals.

Tell me — did this “breaking it down into little pieces” blog post help at all? What are your challenges? What are your specific and crystallized goals?

I can’t wait to hear….

  1. Wow! Great reminder! I DO write down tasks and things I want to achieve but never with a time frame….must start doing that! Thanks.

  2. Great points. Excellent advice and tools. If aim for nothing each time will reach that goal every time but nothing will change. Mine (goals) have evolved…yes, vague. Nevertheless, I am getting there. However, I love this setting deadlines. Ironically, I set goals and deadlines better for others than myself. I am worthy, too. I must begin. Time will wait for no man or woman.

    My husband and I have set a five year tangible goal for something. Now to the littler areas of my life.

    1. That’s perfect, Julie! And, you’re just like everyone else. It’s easy to hold others up for support and accountability, yet we leave ourselves hanging. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

      1. Thanks for that encouragement. I often get bogged down in the necessary vs the add ons. One day at a time. But some things are improving.

        1. Oops, there I go again. When will I learn the ‘add ons’ need to become and evolve into the necessaries so change–more so–can be a reality. It really begins as a mindset first.

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