November 15


Gluten Free Living

By Sue Ingebretson

November 15, 2011

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Today’s guest post is written by Julia Wisniewski of GlutenFreeBreadMaker.

This website serves as a resource for more information on gluten free living as well as providing “bridge food” products.

You may recall that I recently posted an article on how “bridge foods” can help with the transition of going gluten free. You can check out that article HERE.

See what Julia has to say, and let me know what you think!
Living gluten free is not just for people with Celiac Disease who have gluten intolerance. Health professionals have said that cutting out gluten may be beneficial for many other people as well.

Some people may not even know they have an allergy to gluten. Instead, they’ll blame feeling bad on things like spoiled food or just being under the weather. The truth is, symptoms of gluten sensitivity or gluten allergies range anywhere from bloating to rashes.

Gluten-free diets have been growing in popularity, even for those who don’t experience aversive symptoms to gluten. Some studies have shown that gluten-free diets are linked to alleviating symptoms of schizophrenia and arthritis. Gluten-free diets can also help people feel better simply because it forces them to cut back on processed foods.

But, if you have ever considered going gluten free, you may have discovered it’s not easy to do. Gluten is in most barley, rye and wheat products, as well as in some seasonings. Cutting bread out of your diet can be extremely challenging, especially if you consider that it also includes pasta, cake, pie, pastries, biscuits, etc.

However, don’t let that scare you away from a gluten-free diet. Instead of cutting out bread completely, try gluten-free bread. More and more companies have been responding to the increasing demand for gluten-free products. Pizzas, pancakes, pastas and cereals are now being made without gluten as well.

Trying gluten-free substitutes can help you cross over into a gluten-free lifestyle without having to give up your favorite foods. A gluten free bread maker can simplify your transition by allowing you to make your own products at home.

  1. Thank you so much for this info! I have recently been told that it would be a good idea to try going gluten-free. I am finding this much harder than I expected, as I love breads – eating them and making them!

    1. Thanks for the comments, Susan. I understand your feelings! It took me time to eliminate breads/pastas from my diet and I had a lot of starts and stops with the process. I can only tell you that reaching out to others while you go through it is helpful as well as rewarding yourself for the achievements that you do make. Feeling better is SUCH an amazing reward. When the inflammation starts to wear away (as you eliminate wheat/gluten, sugar, etc.), the vibrant healthy you will appear. Let me know how I can support you on your journey!

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