August 14


Shhh … I’m Hunting for a GOOD Energy Bar!

By Sue Ingebretson

August 14, 2012

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Several weeks ago, I took my granddaughter to the movies and was pleasantly surprised by a cartoon before the feature. There in all its big theater glory, was a re-worked (new!) Elmer Fudd cartoon. I enjoyed every minute of  it and got a kick out of helping to foster a love for Chuck Jones with the next generation.

I was thinking about Elmer Fudd this morning, because I’ve been on the hunt, too (and with as much success). I’ve got a trip looming ahead and would like to take along a few energy bars in my luggage to have a “just in case” stash of something good to eat.

Have you ever been on the hunt for something good but couldn’t find it?

When I travel, I don’t bank on finding something good at most restaurants and airports. That’s why a healthy energy bar is important. I always bring along nuts and seeds as well, but a good energy bar is a rare find. So, off I went – a hunting….

Thankfully, I brought a little common sense along with me to my local health food store. When you see any of these words on an energy bar label, run — brownie, sundae, parfait, cake, cookie, strudel, frosted, caramel, cupcake, fudge, swirl, chocolaty, cobbler, marshmallow, etc. Seriously, would you expect any of those bars to be healthy?

And, that’s just the name. Take a look at the nutrition labels – high fructose corn syrup, sugar, brown sugar, brown rice syrup, evaporated cane sugar, lots of sugar, more sugar, and then copious amounts of sugar. Ouch.

If I wouldn’t consume high fructose corn syrup and highly processed sugars at home, why would I eat them on the road?

A lot of packaged bars can offer energy (from sugar), but do any offer nutrition, too? I can only report to you, that I know of one.….

The GoodOnYa Bar.

Serendipity must have led Kristen to connect with me on Twitter (@TheGoodOnYabar). I was admittedly dubious that their bar was any better than any of the other junk I’ve seen. (I’m approached often, but review seldom.) I usually look at the ingredients, and say, “Thanks but no thanks.” But this was different. Each ingredient was something I use in my own kitchen. What a shocker!

Ingredients such as flax, olive oil, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, raisins, dark chocolate (um, yep!). I’m in! All that in a tasty package.

A couple of points to note. Do the GoodOnYa bars taste like candy bars? No. Are they low calorie? No. If you don’t happen to be a health aficionado who knows the calorie counts of healthy seeds and nuts, you may be surprised at the calorie count of each bar. Keep in mind, that calories play only a small part of the total “health picture.” Far more important, is the quality of the ingredients.

Speaking of which – here’s Kristen’s own words defining her company motto, “Every ingredient matters.” Read more about what she has to say in this article and find out how the GoodOnYa bars have an Olympic connection! Be sure to watch this video, to discover why GoodOnYa cares about their products and you should, too.

Want to win a sample?

Please LIKE the GoodOnYa Facebook page and follow them on twitter here. Afterwards, leave a comment on this post to let me know you’ve done that and I’ll draw a winner next Sunday.  Contest ends Sunday the 19th at 12 noon Pacific.

I hope YOU win!

  1. I always take nuts and dried apricots for traveling. With nuts, I’ll eat no more than a small handful as a serving. And yes, most energy bars appear to be glorified candy bars. In the case of the one listed above, I’ll eat half of one and save the other half for later…that works too!

  2. I posted both places and looking forward to going to my health food store to buy this one. It would be great to have my own recipe but I wonder how cost effective that would be – hummmm.

    1. Thanks Deborah! I’ve tried making my own recipes also and sometimes they’re not worth the headache — and then there’s the packaging part, too. So glad you entered the contest and thanks so much!

    2. And, Deborah — you’re the lucky winner of the GoodOnYa bar giveaway! Congratulations. Could you please email me a mailing address so that I can get your gift mailed out to you? You can email me on my website at

      Once again, congratulations!

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