June 14


Gut Connection to Intuitive Happiness

By Sue Ingebretson

June 14, 2016

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How connected are you to your intuition? Do you feel that you’re an intuitive person or fairly cut off from your body’s inner “knowing?” Gaining clarity, happiness, and other factors may be as simple as changing what’s on your dinner plate.

The terms, gut health, microbiome, intestinal flora balance, etc. are commonplace terms these days. But in the late 90s when I sought answers for my fibromyalgia pain and other health challenges, no one was talking about the gut.

Or, I should say that very few did.

Fortunately, the ones who were discussing intestinal health caught my attention. Even though I was not really tuned in at that time, I found myself strangely fascinated at the role of digestive health in whole body healing.

Back then I thought, “Healing the gut can heal the body? Preposterous!

I thought it was nutty. I thought it was ridiculously simplistic. I thought it was deviously engineered by “earthy” people like Euell Gibbons who was too busy chomping on Grape Nuts and making commercials to really think things through.

So, I did was I always do. I experimented on myself. I experimented on adding healthier foods into my diet. I experimented with removing less healthy foods from my diet. I experimented with detoxification protocols and supplementing with powerhouse nutrients.

I wanted to prove that nutrition wouldn’t make a difference.

I wanted to prove that what I ate had no influence on my chronic illness, my diagnosed syndromes, and other symptoms. I was even told that very thing from MDs that I trusted at the time. I was told that it doesn’t matter what I ate. Therefore, if it doesn’t matter, then why not eat Hostess Ding Dongs, Donettes, and Fruit Pies? Especially the Fruit Pies – there’s real fruit in there, right?  

I’m so glad I was wrong (about that and so many other things).

What if I’d been right? What if changing what I ate didn’t matter?

First of all, if that had been true I’d probably weigh a heck of a lot more than I do today, but that’s a secondary issue. Primarily, I’m glad I was wrong because if I’d proven that foods don’t matter, then I never would have taken the next steps in my journey. I wouldn’t have found reduction in pain, inflammation, and digestive problems with healthy foods. I wouldn’t have found increased energy that led me to try fitness routines. I wouldn’t have found better sleep, improved mood, and a general sense of happiness and contentment.


Changing what you eat can do all of that?

Discovering vital nutrition is where it all began for me. And, I’ve seen it start the ball rolling for healthy healing for so many others, too.

I tripped over an article the other day I want to share here. It discusses the happiness factor linked to proper gut health. Finding happiness isn’t as simple as restoring digestive health, but it’s a great beginning. In fact, healthy digestive balance is really the center of the body’s universe when it comes to general health.

I was able to heal from the inside out. I’ve overcome disabling fibromyalgia symptoms through many practices and protocols.

But, it all started with the gut.

Maybe it’s a good place for you to start, too?

How Your Gut Affects Your Happiness

 Let me know what you think! Share your favorite food and mood stories in the comments below! 

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