December 10


The Happiness Hook

By Sue Ingebretson

December 10, 2019

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What’s your happiness hook? When it comes to happiness, what brings it and what sweeps it away? Today’s post takes a quick look at what happiness feels like and a surprising surefire happiness block you’ll want to avoid.

Do you know what makes you happy? Can you identify what’s missing if you’re not “feeling it” this very moment? 

Happiness Without Emojis  

😉 You may have emojis on your phone to express your emotions. But do you really know what the emotion of happiness feels like?

Think about the last time (hopefully not long ago) when you felt truly happy. Was there a warm feeling in your chest or heart area? What about your tummy? Some people feel a tingly feeling all over. Yes, Virginia, happiness can bring on goosebumps.

Why does it matter?

It’s important for us to define what it feels like – so that we can recognize it when it arrives. That may sound silly, but it’s not uncommon to look back at situations where we may have been busy, somewhat frazzled, and even a little stressed and realize that they were happy moments. Happier than we thought they were at the time.

When we recognize how we experience happiness, we can anticipate these physical experiences and even amplify them.

Happiness Hook – Hooked to What You Don’t Want

If you’re like most people, you have a pretty good idea of what makes you happy. If asked, you’d likely answer in one of two ways.

  • You’d either say that happiness comes (or would come) if you didn’t feel something else. (i.e. “I’ll be happy when I eliminate pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, drama…” etc.)
  • Or, you’d say that happiness comes (or would come) if so-and-so would behave in a specific way. (i.e. “I’d be happy if only my boss would stop being a jerk.” “I’d be happy if my family respected me.” I’d be happy if my significant other showed me that I matter.”)

Notice that in both of these scenarios, your happiness (or belief that you can have it) is attached to something outside of your control. You’re hooked to circumstances or other people.


The hook can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing when it pulls you toward what you want. But it’s less-than-desirable when it’s attached to the whims of events or other people.  Choosing to feel happy based on someone else’s behavior is a lose/lose situation. When you’re hooked into that belief, you may feel like a jerk at one end of the line hoping for approval from the jerk on the other end.

For happiness that’s a no-strings-attached scenario, discover the type of joy that comes from generating your own feelings of happiness within. The kind that comes from your own decisions and actions.

Happiness Hook – Snag What You DO Want 

What lights your happiness fire? Do you get warm fuzzies from spending time with a close friend? What about the sense of completion you may feel from gatherings of family and friends? How do you feel when you play and connect with children, grandchildren, and perhaps your pets?

You can develop deep feelings of appreciation for the enjoyable activities you choose as well as simply making the decision to feel happy – now (despite circumstances).

I go into more detail in my newest book, Get Back into Whack, but for now, I’d like you to consider the source of your happiness. Could some changes in how you view happiness improve your life?

This time of year serves as a great reminder to do some self-assessments.

What beliefs support how you want to feel and what ones could you possibly drop – like an anchor?

Want Help Figuring out Your Own Happiness Hook?

I’m coming up with a new program for next year. To have 20/20 vision for the year ahead, and to get what we want, we need to pay attention to what’s ahead as well as what holds us back.

I’ll share more in future posts, but for now, I’d appreciate you giving me a quick reply. If you’re viewing this online, leave a comment below, or hit reply to my email (there’s no commitment or responsibility on your part – I’m just information-gathering.)

What sort of things would you like to hook into for the New Year? Is it more happiness, less stress, better health, or creating a clearer picture of your future?

I’d like you to get creative and dream big. What do you want for the New Year? Whatever makes you happy is what I want for you, too.  

Want More Tips on Happiness Now?

Get Back into WhackCheck out my newest book, for more information on happiness, motivation, willpower, and much, much more. There’s LOTS to discover about how the brain works and what this has to do with how we feel.

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  1. Please KEEP ME INFORMED. Your work is helping alot of people including the People in Muskegon Fibromyalgia/CFS Support Person to Person. A support group I started 4 yrs ago We also Have a group on Facebook by same Name.
    If you do not wish me to Send to this Group Please let me Know as I DO NOT wish to upset anyone

    Lois Wilterdink

    1. Thanks Lois – I’m SO happy to have you join in and share my work. I appreciate it and always intend to share great value. I’ll keep you posted on my upcoming projects and look forward to helping you to support the work that you do!

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