December 17


Open This Healing Gift

By Sue Ingebretson

December 17, 2019

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What present would you most like to open this year? What about a healing gift? When you think of healing the symptoms of fibromyalgia or chronic illness, have you ever considered it to be a gift? Today’s post shares some surprising truths and myths on this topic of interest.  

Healing Gift    

Saying that you’d like to experience healing is great. But it’s a pretty vague statement. It’s sort of like beauty queen contestants stating that they’d like world peace. A great desire for sure.

I’m all for world P-E-A-C-E.

But it’s a little vague. What, specifically, does it mean to you?

Healing and peace have a lot in common. When we begin the healing process – and seek it out – it looks a lot like a process of discovery and maturing. Peace begins with each of us. For me, I want to be at peace with my health, life, spirituality, relationships, and more. What about you? 

Notice that both health and peace are “gifted” to those who seek it out. We can’t take or demand health. It’s there waiting for us to experience – it’s waiting for us to open and reveal, one little bit at a time. 

The Process of Healing

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the past 15 years or so. And, one unifying challenge for them is that when they try to figure out healing on their own, they become confused about the process.

Healing can be complicated. 

Some wonder, what’s the best way to approach change? What comes first, second, and third? What needs the most focused attention?

The myth is that healing chronic illness is too complicated to solve. And, the truth is that anything can be unraveled with patience and practice — especially when you know the steps. 

Because healing is a repeatable process, my one-on-one client programs run for a minimum of six months (and oftentimes 1 year or more). I assist clients with establishing their goals, highlighting the path to achieve them, and offering support, guidance, education, and encouragement along the way.

But when it comes down to the basics, the fundamentals are the same every time.

Would you like to know that basic process?

Get a jumpstart with this next part.

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DO not Open Before Christmas   

There’s a whole lot to share when it comes to the subject of healing. So much so, that I wrote it all out into a neat and organized package.

This gift of healing can be read, highlighted, dog-eared, lent, and borrowed.

That’s the beauty of books.

This book isn’t just for those dealing with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. It’s not just for those dealing with autoimmune conditions and chronic health woes. It’ll help people dealing with these challenges, for sure. But it can help others, too. Who else in your world could benefit?

I’d like you to take a look now – especially at this time of year – at my book, Get Back into Whack  and consider treating yourself with this gift of healing.

I’d like you to consider treating your friends and family members, too.

Wouldn’t you like to share the gift of healing? It truly is the gift that keeps on giving (even more so than a jelly-of-the-month club.)

But seriously, Clark, if you’d like to discover more of what’s inside this powerful book, check out this post for more details. 

  1. I look forward to being able to get you’re new book when I can an receiving you’re emails. I have had fibro for about 10 years now. Doctors have so far not been much help. I try hard to keep moving but my physical body does not cooperate much. I have very bad feet and my hands or joints of my fingers have an extreme amount of pain with arthritis.
    Anyway I thank you for the information you share.
    Best regards, Nicolette Vernon

    1. Nicolette – thanks so much for leaving a comment here. I’m so glad you’re interested in improving your life and health. I understand what it’s like to live in pain and to feel like there were very few answers out there. I welcome you to my Rebuilding Wellness community and look forward to sharing more information on the healing process.

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