October 14


Healthy Tricks, Treats, or Treatments

By Sue Ingebretson

October 14, 2014

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Do you consider some healthy practices to be luxuries? Maybe you find yourself saying, “When my ship comes in I’ll ….” Or, “When I get some free time, I’m going to ….” Or,
Healthy tricks, treats, or treatments maybe you’re waiting for someone to give you permission! Healthy treatments don’t have to be that big of a deal. Start with some basics. Here are a few tricks (and tips) to change your mind about what’s a treat and what’s a treatment.


1)   Before massage became a mainstream activity (you even see facilities in malls nowadays), it was something for the elite. You might see socialite women in old movies getting a massage, but it definitely wasn’t something in your own sphere of experience.


Not anymore.


Massage has proven therapeutic benefits in so many areas including relaxation, detoxification, stress management, and pain relief. Whether you have fibromyalgia, arthritis, a sore back, or are in need of some “me” time, a massage can be just the ticket for a bit o’bliss. Finding a regular practitioner may take some experimentation, but it’s worth it. Changing your thinking here from treat to treatment happens when you can understand, feel, and experience, the rejuvenating benefits.


2)   Do you still read articles that debate the superiority or inferiority of organic foods? Stop now! Remember that the media’s job is to grab attention. So, if something is supposedly good, you’ll find news to say it’s bad. And, vice versa.


Whether the nutrient and/or enzyme value of organic foods is higher or not (I believe it is!), you can at least be assured of this: Organic fruits and veggies are NOT grown with toxic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides.


There’s no question that the fibromyalgia (or any chronic illness) body is a sensitive body. We’re sensitive to foods, chemicals, scents, noises, flashing lights, and more. For example, observing how your body reacts to chemicals in a room deodorizer, can demonstrate your personal levels of heightened sensitivity. For this reason – and many others – avoiding toxic chemicals turns organic foods from a treat to a treatment.


By the way, some chemically-processed produce is more likely to pass those toxins on to you than others. For a handy downloadable guide to which produce is best – you can check out this Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen guide here: Clean 15 Guide.


3)   And, speaking of sensitivity, what about your skin? It’s your largest organ, you know, and it’s responsible to protect your insides against the ravages of what’s outside. If you happen to walk through a cloud of bug spray, the skin does what it can to filter out the toxins. But, what about the toxins you slather on every day  – on purpose – like health and beauty products?


Take a look at your favorite body lotion, facial creams, and shampoo. Are there ingredients listed on the packaging that you can’t pronounce? Are there ingredients listed that you don’t even know what they are?


Just as with foods, you have to know what’s IN a product before you put it ON your skin (or hair). Avoiding chemicals in your foods yet slathering on parabens, fragrances (chemically-based), phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, toluene, propylene glycol, and formaldehyde makes no sense! You can search forever to find skin and hair products that are as natural as possible. One quick way is to research the Skin Deep database at the Environmental Working Group.


Want to know what I use? For many years, I’ve purchased products from Fresh Focus Skin Care. I personally know the passionate founders of this Minnesota-based company. It’s important to me to know that their products are made in small quantities and with only the freshest (and real!) ingredients.


My “couldn’t live without” favorite product of theirs is their delightful CoQ10 Body Mousse. I also use their Fresh Moisture Facial Cream, Cucumber Cleansing Cream, Forgiveness Concealer, Mineral Foundation, Mineral Blush, Lip Crayon, Shampoo Bar, and Natural Handmade Soaps. You can go here to learn more: Fresh Focus Skin Care.


So, there you have it. I hope you’ve been able to shift your thinking on some key topics here to let yourself go from treat to treatment.


It’s not about “deserving the best”

(although you do),

but it’s more about making

intentional choices

to help your body to heal.


Do you have activities or favorite products that you now enjoy, but used to think of them only as treats? Please share!


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    1. Nancy — you’re so very welcome. I hope you look to other posts to see what we have to offer here at the Rebuilding Wellness community!

  1. So true! So many sensitivities to battle daily…massage (even a 10 min chair massage) has made a tremendous difference in how I move through my day&my overall health..I am lucky I can once a month.

  2. Massage, especially myofascial massage is the thing, I mean treatment, that helps me most but it is quite expensive. You are right though – in learning to think of it as a treatment we are more likely to have it more regularly, thanks Sue. I will book that treatment now as it relaxes my tight muscles and makes me a happier person.

    1. Lee — so glad to hear it! Sometimes we just need “permission” to re-frame our ideas of how we think of our self-care. Glad you moved yours up a notch!

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