October 6


Help with Stress

By Sue Ingebretson

October 6, 2020

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This is the spookiest October ever! Even worse than ghouls and goblins, this year we have to worry about unseen viruses, isolation, and the potential for increased fibromyalgia and chronic illness symptoms. Do you need some help?

Today’s post is just a quick announcement. I want you to get the help you need.

Feeling Stressed?

Are you feeling stressed from the burdens of life? Do you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that wear you down or keep you feeling stuck? Or do you feel stressed by your relationships, pressures, or physical challenges?

I’d like to offer some help.

For the month of October, I’m making a special offer to experience a 50-minute stress management session with me. Those who’ve taken me up on this offer in the past have shared that afterward, they feel less stress, more calm, and a greater sense of clarity regarding what they find stressful.

This session will be custom-tailored to you. The methods used to alleviate stress will vary depending on how, in particular, stress shows up in your life.

To get started, which of the following applies describes you?  

  • ONE: If you’ve never had a session with me, free or otherwise, book your free Stress Call below. (Limit one free session per customer.)   

Rebuilding Wellness Stress Call

  • TWO: If you’ve had a free stress call with me in the past, I’d like to offer the opportunity to book another Stress Call session or sessions with me at 40% off of my current rate. Go ahead and book your session(s) now and I’ll contact you with the details.

Rebuilding Wellness Stress Call

  • THREE: If you’ve worked with me as a former full-program client, I’d like to also offer you the opportunity to book a Stress Call session or sessions with me at 40% off of my current rate.

Rebuilding Wellness Stress Call

A Little Help with Stress

What do you have to gain by booking your own Rebuilding Wellness Stress Call?

Reducing your stress can help to lower your sense of nervousness, worry, or unease. It can also help you to gain a feeling of peace and relaxation. A little relief can be a big help.

Take the opportunity to book a session today and experience a Rebuilding Wellness Stress Call for yourself.


This offer is good until October 31, 2020. I encourage you to hop onto my calendar and book your session early. My schedule fills quickly and if you have any problem finding a spot this month, please let me know.

Contact me HERE with any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you (or re-visiting with you) this month!

(I don’t want to ADD to your stress and hope

this is the scariest thing you see this month!)

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Your Fibromyalgia Recovery Coach

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Your Fibromyalgia Recovery Coach

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