November 25


Hidden Benefits of Thankfulness

By Sue Ingebretson

November 25, 2014

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Hidden benefits of thankfulness (1)Can the simple act of thankfulness provide hidden healing benefits? Could some benefits even take you by surprise? I have a feeling it’s true. You may be able to accurately predict a few things, but I’ll show you here the true power of thankfulness. Whether you have fibromyalgia, chronic illness, or even no health challenge at all – the simple practice of thankfulness benefits you in mind, body, and soul.


Here’s how.


Try this simple exercise. Imagine sitting next to a stranger on a park bench (Forrest Gump style). She leans over and asks you for a list of the people who’ve helped you out, given you great advice, and those who’ve supported you when you needed it most.


Who do you think of?  Make a mental list.


Next, she asks you to list the experiences in life that have taught you the most. You discuss problems that seemed the most insurmountable, yet proved to be the most rewarding. You reminisce about days that seemed the darkest, yet they later bloomed into a bright future.  


What situations come to mind? Take a moment to close your eyes and think of them in vivid and vibrant images.


Did you know that right now — as you ponder these things — you’re experiencing physical healing benefits? Cool beans, eh?


If you’re not aware, a prayerful heart – a sense of gratitude – is more than just a casual “nicety.”


Gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation

are the triplets of inner

peace and happiness.


Here are three common ways that thankfulness brings healing:[1]


  • Increased serotonin levels (the feel good hormone)
  • Improved mood and anxiety levels
  • Improved sleep


Want more?


You may also experience:[2]


  • Reduced physical symptoms (anyone out there desire pain reduction?)
  • Greater alertness, enthusiasm, and positivity
  • Improved focus and determination


And there’s even more.


Developing a consistent and prolonged sense of thankfulness strengthens your ability to empathize and support those around you. One side benefit of this is experiencing strengthened and deepened relationships.


Who wouldn’t like to feel more optimistic about life? Yes, that’s a side benefit of thankfulness, too. Are you surprised yet? Here’s one you may not expect – studies revealed that this increase of optimism led to an increased propensity to exercise![3] Seriously? Nifty!


We’re just getting warmed up.  


The benefits of thankfulness

layer upon each other,

blanketing you with solace and peace.


All it takes is a choice of where to place your focus.


What do you CHOOSE to focus on? What is the object of your focus?


  • Do you write? (Journaling, creating writing, simple lists, etc.)
  • Do you meditate?
  • Do you practice prayer and gratitude techniques on a regular basis?


Sure, it’s easy – but it takes consistency and diligence.


I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t think of the topics at hand without thinking of all of you. I’m grateful for every single reader here. I’m more grateful for this community than you know. I’m grateful for the emails I receive, the blog comments, the tweets, and the replies on Facebook.


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Do you plan practicing a few thankfulness activities this week? Share your ideas below!





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  1. Oh, Sue, this is such a wonderful post. The study of the effects of negativity thinking/speaking is truly fascinating. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a brain specialist who has shown that negative thoughts grow like trees within our brains, attaching themselves and causing great havoc, even sickness. However, positive thinking can reverse the effects. I have a post that mentions her and how we need thanksgiving therapy. In case you’re interested, it’s here: Thank you for all your wonderful work. May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving! 😀

    1. What a perfect tie-in, Lynn and thanks so much! Your comment here provides great info for this community and I’m so glad you shared. I look forward to learning more about Dr. Leaf’s work. It looks very interesting!

  2. I wish I could express myself as good as I could do in Spanish but the gratefulness to our Lord for all he provided me is along list full of names and situations I encountered along all my life, but the main reason of this little note is the biggest thank you to You Ms. Sue, the biggest blessing in my life, my eternal gratitude for your sincere and loyal friendship, and the wisest advises you share with all of us. May the Lord provide you a life full of health and all your warm heart desires.

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