May 12


Hidden Health Risks – Quick Quiz!

By Sue Ingebretson

May 12, 2015

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Some health risks are obvious. Others may be hidden, but are just as likely to pose a long-term threat to your health goals. Whether you’re challenged with fibromyalgia, chronic illness, or simply not feeling as good as you’d like, there are uncomplicated solutions. Take the quick quiz below to determine if any of the following health risks apply to you. Of course, a few quick remedies are included as well!

FOUR questions for a better you …

ONE: Did you skip your inner Spring cleaning?

Are you aware that the body naturally needs to purge stored toxins in the Spring? If you’re living in the northern hemisphere, there’s no better time than now. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine teaches us simple ways to cleanse and “lighten the load” of our internal environment. A simple cleanse can help us to boost the immune system, flush out waste, and allow us to shift into summer feeling lighter, brighter, and more vibrant.[1]

TWO: Does your daily diet need a reboot?

Sometimes, we get into a nutritional rut and need a swift kick to reboot our meal plans. Whether weight loss or weight management is a goal, taking a closer look at your daily food intake is vital. It’s one thing to eat less-than-healthy foods once in a while, but has it become routine? If so, there’s no better way to get the swift kick you need than a guided dietary detox program. I recently did this myself and found that in just 28 days, I was able to get a grip and pinpoint my own nutritional pitfalls and danger zones.

THREE: Do you need to banish a bad habit?

Maybe your overall diet is okay, but you’ve not yet conquered a glaring unhealthy habit. Are you still drinking sodas, sweetened drinks, or sugary caffeinated beverages? Do you have a fast food habit or do you binge on packaged foods more often than you’d like? A guided dietary detox program can give you the break you need from the habit you’d like to kick to the curb. By definition, a guided detox program lasts for a finite number of days. It’s easier to embark on a change when you know how many days you’re committing yourself to.  And, when the time period is up, you can say, “I did without it for 30 days, why not another 30?”

FOUR: Do you need a metabolic overhaul?

This is NOT a newsflash: we live in a toxic world.  How do we know that our environment has created a toxic burden on our overall health? Check out the potential for these ever-growing symptoms. Do you experience reduced energy levels, poor concentration, symptom flares, pain, increased sensitivities to foods, smells, lights sounds, etc.? What about your ability to handle chronic stress and it’s impact on your digestive system? And, how are your moods, behavioral changes, irritability, and the quality of your sleep?

These are just a few clues that can indicate a body that’s over-burdened by toxins.

So … how did you score?

More YES than NO?

ANY yes answer to the above questions can pose a health challenge. And, more yes answers can indicate a greater overall risk to your health.

What’s a toxic girl (or guy) to do?

A simple cleanse and / or detox program can help you push the reset button on your digestive health.

What’s the difference between a Cleanse and a Detox?

Typically, a cleanse uses veggie juices and or clean foods (unprocessed) to help scrub the intestines and rid the body of stored wastes.

A detox (as defined here) may take this one step further by adding medical foods in a guided program designed to help the body get rid of toxins including metabolic wastes.

There are many cleanses and detox programs to choose from and prices range from minimal (the cost of purchasing your own veggies, etc.) to thousands of dollars. As I mentioned above, I recently completed a detox program myself since I needed a dietary reboot (Question #2 from above). The science-based program I completed suited my needs beautifully.

Which one did I choose?

I chose the Clear Change program from Metagenics. This clinically-tested program includes medical foods (a powdered drink and a capsule) as well as all the food lists and resources you need to create your own simple meal plans to support you while on this program. This science-based guided protocol was just what I needed.

NOTE: When I contacted my Metagenics representative, he gave me these THREE important tips regarding the Clear Change Program:

  • If you’re dealing with any sort of chronic health challenge — such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, etc. —  the 28 day program is strongly recommended. A health-challenged body needs a longer period of time to gently shift through the phases of the detox. (Simply purchase three, 10-day kits.)
  • As a suggestion, purchase the Peach flavored version of the Clear Change program. (I personally, am not a big peach flavor fan, but I found this tip to be super-useful. I grew to like the flavor quite a bit and it was definitely more palatable than the plain flavor.)
  • Take advantage of all of the program support Metagenics has to offer. Use the detox diary, sign up for support emails, follow the meal plans, and get inspired by the recipe suggestions.

To learn more about the Clear Change Program click HERE to watch a brief and informative 20 minute webinar. 

Click on the FAQ TAB for common Clear Change program FAQ’s. 

Click on the RESOURCES TAB for Clear Change program Resources including program brochures, food diary, program guides, recipe handouts, and more.

Whatever cleanse and/or detox you choose, share your experiences below! Have you found dietary success? Has a cleanse or detox taught you anything interesting about your health?


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