July 31


Overheated? Here’s the Remedy!

By Sue Ingebretson

July 31, 2012

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This product sends chills down my spine – but in a good way. I received a Hot Flash Pillow in the mail from a lovely blog reader who asked me to try it out.

I’m always happy to try new things – especially for your benefit!

I called up Nancy, the creator of the Hot Flash Pillow, for a quick chat. She explained that she created the Hot Flash Pillow to fix the problem of getting back to sleep after being awakened by a hot flash. The solution? A soothing, cool neck wrap. She simply places it around her neck and drifts back to blissful sleep.

Fortunately for me, I’m not experienced with hot flashes waking me up.

Because the Hot Flash Pillow cools what’s overheated, I went to the hottest source in my home – my hubby. He said the product felt soft, looked bright and colorful, and assumed it was a “girl’s only” thing. After all, he has one, continuous, eternal hot flash rather than something sporadic and hormonal. His look said, “You want ME to try it?”

My hubby is one big furnace of a man. I sit in the same room with him wearing a sweater, a blanket, fuzzy socks, and sipping hot tea. He wants all the windows open, a ceiling fan going, and an ice cold drink. I rarely feel warm enough much less overheated, so hubby was an obvious choice as a test subject.

He doubted the Hot Flash Pillow’s effectiveness. But, when he did try it, his expression said it all. Too bad he’s shy and won’t allow me to post his picture here. When prodded for details, he said that it was surprisingly refreshing and he felt his core body temperature dip right away.

I suggested he give it a try a few other times when he’s come home from work on a hot day or to cool off before bed. I had my daughter try it too, when she was over last week and complained of a pinched nerve in her lower back. I had her lie down with ice on her lower back and told her to put the Hot Flash Pillow around her neck as well. She said, “Thanks but no thanks.” She doesn’t like cold things around her neck. After a bit of coaxing, she tried it.

She too, was pleasantly surprised. The fabric is soft and cool rather than cold or damp as with frozen gels. The Hot Flash Pillow’s outer bag is made with a comfy cotton fabric. It’s removable for washing and secures with Velcro. The inner bag – 100% white cotton – is filled with a natural grain – no artificial chemicals, yay!

The Hot Flash Pillow stays chilly for quite a while (I failed to time it), and it feels silky cool and comfortable next to the skin. I’ve used it several times in the heat that we’ve been experiencing as of late.

(An important note: many of us with fibromyalgia are not big fans of wearing or having anything with weight around our necks or shoulders. This is not an issue, of course, when lying down. This product weighs about 2 pounds and isn’t overly heavy. Additionally, I noted that the inner bag of the Hot Flash Pillow also has a Velcro enclosure so the amount of grain used could be adjusted to the desired weight.)

So, is the Hot Flash Pillow a success in my home? This weekend, I knew we had a winner when my hubby came inside from working in the yard. He walked straight to the freezer, pulled out the Hot Flash Pillow, and draped it over the top of his head. He didn’t say a word as he sat down on the couch and picked up the remote. (I wish I could post a picture of this, too.)

Maybe Nancy should consider making her Hot Flash Pillows into shapes looking like a baseball cap or a dashing fedora? And … I’m wondering if it comes in extra-long lengths for those with necks that measure somewhere between a heavy-duty fence post and an oak tree? Just a thought.

You’ll have to get your own Hot Flash Pillow HERE. Mine’s spoken for.

How creative are you? I bet you can think of lots more uses. Are you going to try one?


    1. Thanks Gerry! I’m hearing good things about this post and there’s a lot of conversation stirred up about the Hot Flash Pillow on Facebook. Hot topic for a cool product!

  1. Sounds like a wining cure , my wife has hot flashes this she definitely would Love. Me I hate the heat when working outdoors if like sad make it into a baseball cap and us guys would use it outside in the yard to keep us cool.

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