July 24


How to Get Your Brain to Fire On All Cylinders

By Sue Ingebretson

July 24, 2012

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I didn’t have the time to go, but I did it anyway. I found myself at the chiropractor’s office early this morning somewhat chastised by my own words.

That’s one downfall of putting your thoughts into cyberspace for public consumption. In my July Newsletter, I discussed a recent injury I sustained and you can read that short article entitled, Hijacked By Pain – right here. I also pointed out my miraculous recovery and attributed it to the fact that I’m getting better at following directions.

Yet …

When my chiropractor told me I needed to see him today, my impulse was to put it off. My to-do list begged for attention. Tasks that didn’t get done over the busy weekend nagged at me. Even after heeding the voice of reason in my head and showing up at his office, I thought, “I can’t relax enough for an adjustment – I have too much to do!”

But, what happens when you add a) lying down, b) heat on the point of injury, and c) a dimly lit room? You get an opportunity to take a deep breath (even if it’s simply resignation). In other words, you relax. There wasn’t a single thing I could “do” at that moment. My job was to breathe, let the heat and the treatments do their thing, and then go home.

I won’t deny I was frustrated at first. It’s hard to stay still with thoughts squawking in your head like scattered chickens. I twirled on an unresolved problem that had plagued me all weekend … going through the mental calisthenics over and over (I’m sure you never do that). Suddenly, a new thought appeared. I realized that I could tackle the problem from a different angle. I’d been looking at it wrong all along! I could see clearly how I could achieve my goal and find an ideal resolution.

The moment I stopped fighting the “I wish I were somewhere else,” I sighed and settled into appreciating exactly where I was. I realized the warmth felt good. The table felt good. Resting felt good. As I sighed, my mind cleared and I was able to solve in 10 minutes what I hadn’t been able to in more than 48 hours.

Here’s why —

I turned an AHHH moment into an AH-HA moment!

This is so simple, we forget it! The brain needs a bit of space to regroup and function at peak performance. We need to shut off the monkey mind in order to find peace of mind.

Can you find ways to say, “ahhh” today? Take a walk in nature, thumb mindlessly through a gardening magazine or catalog, do yoga and/or tai chi, close your eyes and practice deep breathing. Step away from – mentally – the stressors that are bugging you and simply allow yourself to take a break.

And, if you missed my post last week, it was all about Taking a Break! Catch up and see how taking a break can give you just the boost you need to complete that next task. If you’re not already on my newsletter list, be sure to jump onto my list HERE. Each issue is promised to be short and information packed.

Got any bright ideas of your own to share? How do you unwind your mind? Let me know!

  1. I get my hair done every 5 to 6 weeks. For some reason, my internet goes kaput inside the salon. Therefore, I am forced to find other means of entertainment while I sit there. And that is a good thing.

    I bring a good read and just tune out everything around me for a while. That’s an Ahaaaaa moment for me!

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