October 18


How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

By Sue Ingebretson

October 18, 2011

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How many of you have attempted to reach a goal only to find yourself sidetracked and distracted?

It happens a lot.

Many of us lose our way – repeatedly – as we head out to conquer new worlds. We have the right intentions. We may even establish goals, but then something comes along, and there we go … skittering off into orbit.

I remember once planning to work every day at 10:00 on my new book. My plan was – come heck or high water – to drop everything and write at the same time every day. How did it turn out? I found myself flying into a frenzy at about 9:45 every morning trying to get other things done in preparation for my “sacred time.” I then fudged a bit. It was OK to work on other things until 10:15 or so, right? Or 11:00? By then, it was exercise time and then lunch time…

I also reasoned that I had much needed research to do before I could write. I tripped over intriguing research topics that made me think, “I should write another book about ….”

But I wasn’t getting this book done, was I?

Leaping forward holds us back

For many of us, when we’re marching toward immediate goals, we tend to leap forward. We focus on something fuzzy in the distance, taking our eyes off our prize. Big surprise then, our plans derail.

I’ve written many blog posts about creating goals. Earlier this year, I wrote one entitled Goal Setting – Breaking it Down.  Re-read this post and begin your own goals list. Once your goals are firmly defined, write down the steps that need to take place to make each goal happen (that’s creating your action plan). Put your action plan steps in order of importance. As you work through your action plan steps, be careful to only work one step at a time – no leaping forward, no distractions.

Focusing on the steps immediately ahead of you removes the tripping hazard of looking too far ahead. You’ll be impressed with how much progress is made from little tiny steps — that happen to be focused in the right direction.

What baby steps will you take today and tell me about your focus!

  1. Every successful person has the ability to focus and/or channel energy. An athlete needs intense mental strength to visualize and perform at peak levels. To become successful the same intensity needs to be carried forward for goals to be turned into accomplishments. Have a plan, execute it and reap the rewards.

  2. I am inspired with this post, and I would like to share my opinion – Goal setting is usually a prevalent trouble in today’s society.Individuals recognize that goal setting is an essential part of everyday life, yet we lack vision and the drive to accomplish the goals we have set.At times we establish objectives that are too grand to accomplish in one big swoop. Whilst having large dreams considerable, and a good factor in goal setting, achieving a large dream will take time and effort.

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