March 27


Are You Hungry for Change?

By Sue Ingebretson

March 27, 2012

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Several times this month, I’ve blogged about change. It seems a theme for many. Change is in the air. First, I wrote about the Seeds of Change, and then a post on 100 Ways to Benefit from Change (with an amazing bonus offer, which expires on Saturday, March 31st! Don’t miss out!).

I’ve done lots of research on the subject of change since my business deals with encouraging and guiding others toward healthier lifestyle choices. Everything I suggest and model is about change of some sort.

Over time, I’ve learned that it’s not the change itself that’s so intimidating to most people, it’s the thought and worries over what that change might mean. We place fears, anxieties, and concerns about the change, while we contemplate it – long before we ever take action. It’s that transitional phase that gets us into trouble. Our anxieties are often magnified or even untrue. We imagine horrors that never happen. We create scenarios of doom that never arrive.

The bottom line is, are things working well for you RIGHT NOW? Is everything just as you want it? Can you answer yes to most or all of the following questions?

Do the foods you eat fuel you with the nutrition you need?

Do you know what your nutritional deficiencies are?

Do you wake each day feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day?

Do the foods you eat, most often, satisfy you leaving no desire to give in to cravings or binges?

Have you, most often, been able to sustain a healthy weight for your body type?

Do you feel energized and full of enthusiasm?

Are you, most of the time, able to think clearly and feel your emotions?

Do you feel able to handle your stress levels?

Are you free from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue, lupus, Crohn’s disease, IBS, obesity, etc.?

Are you happy with your level of fitness activities?

Would you say that your body is fit, lean, and flexible?

Some of us have trouble with the “running to” or “running from” scenario. We’re either running from poor health and the symptoms that go along with that, or we’re running to a healthier lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Either way, it’s time to take action – the bottom line is change.

Something’s gotta give – something’s gotta CHANGE!

Want to learn more about the reasons for our unhealthy food choices? What’s in the unhealthy foods we eat that causes us to eat more and more of it? What we can do about it?

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If you want to check out the Food Matters Recipe book and all it has to offer – check that out HERE.

Are you Hungry for Change? What needs to change in your life? In what areas would you like a little help? Let me know!


  1. Recently I switched my afternoon snack to a small handful of trail mix (with almonds, dried cranberries and a few other things) and some dried apricot. Before that, it was some manner of carb. Always trying to make a little change at a time!

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