January 18


I Want …

By Sue Ingebretson

January 18, 2011

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It seems every shout from a three year old begins with “I want…!” Toddlers seem pretty clear on what they want and they’re very clear on when they want it. They cry, stomp their feet, and say, “I want it now!” That’s no surprise to any of us, but what about adults? What about our “I want” statements?

We might not say it, but we live it!

Most of us live out that “I want” scenario in everything we do, like the worn out (but apropos) cliché, actions speak louder than words. We shop because we’re saying, “I want to look good.” We compete because we say, “I want to be the best at this.” We seek jobs, investments, opportunities because we’re saying, “I want to move up or improve my financial standing.”

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with any of the above, but let’s not fool ourselves. Many of us think that we have simple or few wants, but what do our actions have to say about that? What do we pursue day in and day out?

Getting into the emotional aspect of our actions, take a look at a few other “I want” statements. We eat when we’re not hungry because we’re saying, “I want to feel comfort.” We bring up other’s failures so that we can say, “I’m superior in some way to that person.” We fail to meet a goal or objective so that we can say, “I want to prove that it (whatever it is) won’t work for me.”

I’m shining a light on our actions to make a point. We’re all subject to the same disparity of not necessarily doing what we say we want to do. That’s common for all of us. What I’d like to do here is to help you change your focus from what you HAVE been doing to what you WANT to be doing. It’s a subtle but very important shift.

I’d like you to think about – and clarify – what you really want!

Yesterday, I posted a simple question on my Facebook fan page (www.Facebook.com/FibroWHYalgia). I asked people to post their top two goals for 2011. The responses have been fabulous so far, and I’d like to expand on that fact-finding mission. I’d like to continue gathering this information and you can respond either here on my blog, or on Facebook. I’d also like to expand and clarify what responses I’m looking for. I can see that many of you have goals regarding how you eat, and how you move (fitness). Additionally, I’d like you to include goals for how you’d like to think or change for the better emotionally and spiritually (stress-relief).

I’m therefore asking for your “I want” lists in each of the following three categories:

—- Nutrionally-speaking “I want” ….

—-Physically-speaking “I want” ….

—-Emotionally-speaking “I want”….

So, let me hear it! What are your health goals for improving what you’re already doing or trying something new? We’ve already got a jumpstart on this subject going and I look forward to digging deeper!

C’mon! Go ahead and stomp your foot like a toddler. Tell me what you really want!

  1. Emotionally: I want to not give “free rent space” in my mind to people or situations that really do not matter

    Nutrionally: I want to stop thinking about the next new diet and instead eat what I want but in much smaller quantities; and to savor everything I eat

    Physically: I want to incorporate exercise into my life daily rather than blasting my body with intense sessions of exercise 3x/week. I also want to move away from the familiar and try some more unfamiliar/adventurous forms of exercise.

    1. Love your suggestions, Vanessa! What a great way to think of wasting time thinking or worrying about others who don’t count: giving them free rent space!

  2. Nutritionally speaking I want to investigate and utilize more vitamins and supplements in my diet to help with symptom management.

    Physically speaking I want to finish physical therapy for my left knee in order to prepare for a knee replacement to my right knee

    Emotionally speaking I want to incorporate more prayer time and solitude in my day to enable me to better deal with the range of emotions that can accompany my chronic illnesses.

  3. Physically: I want to get moving, be more active and incorporate regular exercise into my life. (key word: “regular” meaning consistent!)

    Nutritionally: I want to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables and decrease my intake of processed foods.

    Emotionally: I want to improve my focus on self-love and self-care which entails therapy and “me time” like baths, relaxation, etc.

  4. Nutritionally : I want to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. Also want to try one or two new veggies each month.
    Physically : I want to stick to the goals I have set for my exercise routine.
    Emotionally : I want to get out more socially.

  5. Physically- I want to continue my daily yoga practice to build more strength and lean muscle.

    Nutritionally- I want to eat more whole foods and hopefully be able to depend on supplements less.

    Emotionally- I want to continue to become more spiritual and have an open communication with God everyday. I want to live my life in the moment and be grateful for all of my blessings.

  6. Emotionally-speaking “I want to devote myself more to my wife, showing her more in action then in words that I love her”

    Physically-speaking “I want to lose the last 45 pounds to take me to my goal weight and maintain that weight for at least a year.”

    Nutrionally-speaking “I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and incorporate less red meat in my diet”

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