April 2


10 Uses for Your Left Over Easter Eggs

By Sue Ingebretson

April 2, 2013

Easter eggs, egg recipes, eggshell crafts, eggshell uses, hard boiled eggs

Easter Eggs


Yes, Easter was just a few days ago, and it’s likely you’re still in a jelly bean, marshmallow peep, and chocolate bunny sugared-out daze. I’ll leave the disposal of your extra candy stash up to you, but here’s a few egg-stra special tips on what to do with your left over hard boiled eggs.

Use up the eggs and get a bit of extra protein in your diet this week. Peel them first and then:

1) — Chop or slice them up to add to wraps, salads, sandwiches, salads, and soups.

2) — Cut them in half, scoop out the yolks and make deviled eggs. Yum!

3) — Of course, there’s always egg salad 😉

And … don’t throw away the shells!

Collect the clean and dried shells in a bowl and:

4) — Crush and spread them in your garden. Pests don’t like ‘em — roses love ‘em!

5) — Use small pieces to decorate art and craft projects — especially good with dyed shells

Eggshell Mosaic Art

6) — Grind them up and add to outdoor wild bird feeders

7) — Poke ‘em down the garbage disposal for a bit of extra scrubbing

8) — Speaking of scrubbing, crush up a few shells to scour your gunked-up pots and pans

9) — Add crushed shells to potting soil for added nutrients

10) — Add to your compost pile for added calcium

Hope this list jump starts your own inspiration to get egg-stra creative this year! What do YOU do with left over Easter eggs?

  1. Don’t have any leftover Easter eggs…don’t like hard boiled! However, eggs will come into use for all that leftover ham…when I make quiches out of it!

  2. What some GREAT ideas on what to do with the eggs. How long are Eggs good for once they have been HardBoiled and in the refrigerator? Or if they have been left out on the conunter??

    1. Julie — thanks for your input! I did a bit of research on this to see what the general consensus is regarding the shelf life of a hard boiled egg. Turns out there’s no consensus! In general, I read that an unrefrigerated hard boiled egg should be good for about 24 hours. A refrigerated hard boiled egg should be good for at least a week. I know that I’ve consumed hard boiled eggs from the fridge that have been there for longer than a week. Hope this helps and thanks again for chiming in 😉

    1. Lillian — crushed egg shells are actually good for many wild birds. They eat tiny rocks/pebbles/sand in their typical diet and the crushed shells provide additional nutrients. To start, though, I’d look up the species that are native to your area first to check. Thanks for posting your comment!

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