December 5


Lemon Juicy Immunity Boost

By Sue Ingebretson

December 5, 2017

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Want a juicy secret to staying healthy this year? Try the refreshing power of lemon! Discover the healing benefits of lemon juice and lemon oil in your own home by reading the tips below. Keep your fibromyalgia and chronic illness body well.

Lemons and the Immune System

The fibromyalgia and chronic illness body is already compromised when it comes to a strong immune system. We need all the help we can get. Why not use a juicy tool?

The bounteous stores of vitamin C and potassium contained in lemons help to boost the immune system as well as ward off infection. Pure lemon juice helps to balance the pH in the body which is known to fortify immunity and maintain good health. Lemons also help the body to naturally detoxify and get rid of illness-promoting agents.[1]

Lemon juice promotes fast wound healing and also breaks down uric acid in the body contributing to pain relief.[2]

Fresh Lemon or Lemon Essential Oil?

If you don’t happen to have a lemon tree in your front yard (as I fortunately do!), don’t fret. Lemons are fairly inexpensive at the store. Be sure to wash them thoroughly when you get home if they’re not from an organic source.

But, even if you don’t have access to lemons at all, essential oils can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen apothecary.

Citrus essential oils, in particular are known for their antibacterial properties. Among their many uses, they can be diffused and blended in making your own cleaning solutions.

(Not making good use of the lemon essential oil you already have? Or, want to try some? Check out these uses here – 10 Ways to use Lemon Essential Oils by Dr. Axe.)

Of course, contact me HERE if you’d like to more about essential oils and their amazing uses.

Lemon Tips to Try

The scent of lemon is one of the “happiest” scents on the planet. It’s known to induce a feeling of “well” and comfort.

I couldn’t exactly call these recipes. They’re so simple, you don’t even need to follow lengthy directions. Lemons have long been used in natural cold and flu remedies. They’re known for giving the immune system the boost it needs to get through times of stress, increased fatigue, and a to-do list that’s longer than your arm.

The following are just a FEW of the many uses. I hope they get your juices stirred up!

Lemon-Inspired Tips:

  • Fresh lemon juice can be combined with organic, local honey for a throat soother and cough suppressant.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your favoring soothing tea.
  • Add fresh squeezed lemon juice to warm water for a morning, calming sip.
  • Pour freshly squeezed lemon juice into ice cube trays to add to your favorite beverage.
  • Top your favorite salad or veggies with a healthy oil (download this Free Healthy Fats & Oils guide to help you select an oil), and a squeeze or two from a fresh lemon.
  • Diffuse lemon essential oil in your favorite diffuser for multiple benefits including improved mood and strengthening the immune system.
  • Spray counters, appliances, and other frequently used surfaces with a simple combination of distilled water and a few drops of lemon essential oil.
  • Sip a teaspoonful for indigestion or a touchy tummy.
  • Sip lemon water before meals to improve digestion, feel satiated, tame hunger pangs, and substantiate weight loss.
  • Sipping lemon water is also shown to detoxify the body helping it to fight off infection and even assisting with fewer wrinkles and clearer skin.
  • Take a whiff of fresh or lemon essential oils to boost your mood or alleviate the feelings of nausea.

Juicy Results

What’s your favorite way to use lemons? Share your tips below and add your wisdom to this Rebuilding Wellness community.





  1. Hello Sue, I wish I had planted a lemon tree years ago. I think the council should plant them instead of other shrubs and then everyone could get the great benefits that these fruits supply.
    My homeopath told me to drink lemon water every morning about 30 years ago.
    Did you know that spiders do not like the smell of lemon and leaving lemons in corners of your room can detract them from your house. or i guess it would be good to try your suggestion of spray bottle with a few drops of lemon essential oil.

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