April 6


Magnesium Lotion for Fibromyalgia

By Sue Ingebretson

April 6, 2021

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Magnesium deficiency and fibromyalgia (and autoimmune/chronic illness) go together like the sniffles and Kleenex. I do my best to get magnesium into my body in a variety of ways including magnesium lotion. Have you tried magnesium oils, gels, rubs, and salts? What about magnesium lotion?

While there’s a variety of external ways to apply magnesium, there’s one common drawback.

We’ll take a look at this touchy subject in this post.

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Why Magnesium for Fibromyalgia?

–>I’ve written in-depth about magnesium and fibromyalgia. To discover the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, check out this post – Chronic Magnesium Deficiency.  You’ll also find ways to get more magnesium into your diet as well as the various FORMS of Magnesium and usage guide.

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Topical Magnesium to the Rescue

In the articles mentioned above, I list various ways to use and apply magnesium. Have you tried oils and gels?

I sure have.

And, I’ve found success to varying degrees. About ten years ago, I first tried pure magnesium oil. I was looking for a miracle and thought I’d found it. My nightly muscle spams seemed to improve but it was a messy endeavor. And, I’d been warned by a friend that it could not only stain carpet or fabrics, it can also etch stone, tile, or other hard surfaces. I applied it to my legs and feet and then put on oversized socks. This worked fine for the first night or two. Then it started …

The itching. The burning.

At some point, I wanted to peel the skin off of my own legs. It became a toss-up of which was worse — the spasms or the burning/itching?

This wasn’t a simple drawback. It was painful, irritating, and frustrating.

Fortunately, my spasms, at the time, abated and I later searched for the next “best” remedy. At another period of my life, I discovered magnesium gel at an artisan market. Since I was once again riddled with spasms, I eagerly tried it. To apply, the gel was a far better solution than the oil. With repeated use, however, it did start to burn/itch a bit. Darn.

So … what do I use now?

Fortunately, the spasms are few and far between. But, if I do something out of the ordinary (like walk a lot on a weekend adventure, or wear the wrong shoes, or climb something steep, or stand on my tiptoes, etc.) I can be walking the floors at night (or three) with cramps.

That’s why I was so grateful when Mike from Magnesium Lotions contacted me. He graciously offered to send me his magnesium product for me to try. This post is about my experience, and the link below is for your convenience to check it out yourself. 

Magnesium Lotion

Magnesium Lotion – A Goldilocks Solution

If oils are too runny and gels are less slick but still sticky (not to mention the itchy/burning problem), then what else is there?

Just like Goldilock’s “just right” findings, a stays-in-place lotion can be the optimum solution.

Have you heard of magnesium lotion? I hadn’t. Once it was brought to my attention, I immediately looked up the ingredients expecting to see preservatives and chemical additives that would be a no-go for me. Fortunately, this silky product is the result of mixing together just a few powerfully beneficial, all-natural, ingredients.

This product is a simple blend of:

Magnesium oil

Apricot oil

Mango butter


Magnesium Lotion comes in a 4 oz container and is hand-crafted in small batches.

The consistency?

It’s a little hard to describe. It’s not completely soft and neither is it solid. It appears to be completely solid but when you push your fingertips into it, it easily gives way and softens. As it warms on your skin, it’s simple to apply and glides on easily.  

I put it on my feet, ankles, and calves. While I do put on footie socks or slippers afterward, it’s because I don’t want to slip and fall. I’m told it doesn’t stain or leave marks on towels or bedding. I’ve been using it for more than a month now and have never had a problem with it.

Does it work?

It has for me. And, I can’t ask for more than that.

Here’s that link again — Magnesium Lotion

After using this product for a while, I contacted Mike with two questions. The first was about the product staining bedding or fabric (I answered that above). The second was about an applicator. While using my fingers works fine, I wondered if there’s a better way to apply it. Mike mentioned that he’s currently experimenting with other options /containers. If it’s practical and cost-effective, this product may be available in other packaging options soon.

For now, it works perfectly fine.

If cramps, spasms, stress management, or inconsistent sleep are concerns for you, why not try some Magnesium Lotion? A small investment could provide soothing results that could make your day (or night).

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