July 4


How to Measure Fibromyalgia Recovery

By Sue Ingebretson

July 4, 2023

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How do you measure Fibromyalgia Recovery? What method would indicate to you that you’ve made it? Or, at least, what method would show you that you’re on the right track?


Here’s the interesting thing.


Most fibrofolk fail to have a measurement plan in place. And while that’s not the end of the world, the implication is this: they’re not even thinking about recovery.


How can you measure

what you can’t even imagine?


Read on to discover measurement options for you to choose from to create your own plan for fibromyalgia recovery.


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What Fibromyalgia Recovery Measurement Speaks to You?

Here’s the part that most people skip when looking for fibromyalgia treatments. It may seem obvious, but it’s not quite. They fail to consider multiple ways to determine if the treatments are moving in the right direction.


When it comes to looking for signs of recovery, what would you say first comes to mind?


Prob’ly something like this –


Complete absence of symptoms


Yes, that would indicate fibromyalgia recovery. For sure.


But what if some symptoms remain? Would that mean total failure to you?


We’ll get to that in a bit, but let’s jump into discussing measurement methods. When it comes to recovery progress, what else could be a measure of success?  


Rather than using the black-and-white measurement of either existence of symptoms or non-existence, consider these methods —


Percentages of Improvement


Think in terms of percentages. There are levels of disability and there are also levels of recovery.


What if your symptoms improved to become 50% better than they are now? How would that impact your life? What if they’re 20% better, or 90%? While 100% recovery is the obvious benchmark, it’s easy to see that any fraction of recovery can prove beneficial when it comes to the overall quality of life.




Most people, in the throes of fibromyalgia and chronic illness pain, feel the pressure of endless symptoms. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Symptoms pile on with no end in sight. But what if the “piling on” phenomenon started to go in the other direction? What if you noticed not only fewer symptoms but that they happened less often? What a relief!


MIA Experiences


We all know what it’s like to have to decline (often at the last minute) invitations to events. Family members can probably detail more instances of us being MIA (missing in action) than we can. We may have to bail when it comes to participating in family and community activities. This goes for employee absenteeism, too. We may feel fine one day, and like a wrung-out rag the next.


What happens if we have fewer instances of this? What if we called in sick less than we used to? What if we could become more of a participant rather than a bystander in our own lives? This is definitely something to pay attention to.


Intensity and Recovery (Bounce Back Time)


It may not be on your recovery radar, but as your health improves, the intensity of your symptoms diminishes. And, as you become healthier and stronger, your recovery time from flares and injuries becomes faster. All good things, and definitely something to measure.


Lessened Reliance on Remedies

What if you used fewer pain relievers, or changed to a lower dosage of what you do use? What if you noticed less reliance on various remedies for symptom management? Something worth cheering over.


Lessened Reliance on Medical Professionals


Would the business of your life schedule benefit from fewer doctor visits and time spent waiting at the pharmacy or chemists? What about visits to specialists and physical therapies? They may be part of your recovery process, but noticing fewer appointments could indicate improvement and progress.


Improved Bio Markers


Paying attention to the following may demonstrate GREAT progress in your fibromyalgia recovery plan.


  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion (healthier microbiome)
  • Better energy and stamina
  • Better memory/cognitive function
  • Better/stronger immune system (fewer and shorter duration of colds, flu, etc.)


Financial Output


What if you noticed more money in your account at the end of the month? Yippee! Spending less over time on fibromyalgia recovery needs can really add up in powerful ways. Fewer co-pays, fewer prescribed and OTC remedies, less time off of work, can all add up to a healthier bank account AND a healthier you.


This list isn’t exhaustive. What would you add?


Notice What’s in Your Fibromyalgia Recovery Viewfinder


Imagine taking a look at the distance through a telescope. The view is rather narrow considering the expanse of a wide horizon, but the focus is concentrated. You’d likely notice far more detail about the area under scrutiny.


The way we view fibromyalgia recovery can be very similar. If we have an all-or-nothing view (the existence of symptoms or non-existence of them) we’re likely to miss out on the more nuanced changes occurring outside the field of focus. And, we’re missing the details.


That’s the intention of today’s article.


What’ll Become Your Go-To Measurement Tool for Fibromyalgia Recovery?


Now that you’ve taken a look at a few options, which ones make the most sense to you? Have you ever tracked or monitored them before? Just being aware of them is the first step. Once you begin to pay attention to these measurements of improvement, you may be surprised to discover progress you didn’t know you were making.


It’s easy to ignore subtle signs of progress (that’s how our brains work). So, rather than looking for a 100% reversal of symptoms, instead, pay attention to the incremental improvements. They do add up!


I hope to increase your awareness of ways and methods to gauge your progress. What about you? I’m willing to bet that you can come up with even more ways to monitor forward motion.


What are your favorite methods to track your progress and increase your awareness of your health recovery successes? Share them with me so that I can add them to the list!


And, last but not least, would you like my guidance on how to make healthy changes with more fun and consistency? Connect with me on my Work With Sue page and let’s have a conversation.



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