March 20


Rev Up Your Metabolism with Protein!

By Sue Ingebretson

March 20, 2012

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Have you ever sat at the limit line at an intersection next to a car that revved its engine? There may have been a whole lot of noise, but there wasn’t any forward motion, was there?

Revving an engine is really just for show.

In a lot of ways, our meals can be just for show, too. A show off meal might be one that sounds good to you, might even taste good to you, but in the end it leaves you feeling fatigued and empty. There you are with a licked-cleaned plate, chin on the limit line — not making any forward motion.

Do you know that many people – every day – do the worst thing possible for their metabolism by eating a show off breakfast? Breakfasts filled with empty nutrient carbs (the simple carb type that converts easily into sugar) are like fumes for your engine. All fumes  – no fuel.

Carbs, of course, aren’t all bad. Veggies are carbs and you can’t beat ‘em for vital nutrients and fiber. But when most people list for me what they had for breakfast, they’re not listing vegetables. Here’s what I hear most often:




Granola bars



*Fruits or even worse, fruit juice

**Yogurt, milk, or smoothies made up of mostly processed dairy

In my workshops, I provide a list of foods that convert readily into sugar. Here’s a hint – all of the above-mentioned items are on it! If you’re looking to these as a quick sugar fix, that’s one thing, but a sustaining meal to give you energy for the day? No way!

 These foods will leave you lacking each and every time you consume them as the majority of your meal.

Remember the Wendy’s commercial from the 80s – Where’s the Beef? When others tell me what they eat for breakfast, I’m most often left thinking –

 Where’s the Protein?

Proteins provide the body with sustaining, low glycemic nutrients geared to keep you feeling fueled and filled. And, protein does more than just make you feel full and satisfied.

~Do you want to reduce your sugar cravings?

Make sure each meal/snack contains adequate amounts of protein.

~Do you want to feel a steady energy level from meal to meal?

Make sure each meal/snack contains adequate amounts of protein.

~Do you want to avoid the crash and burn feeling after empty-nutrient snacks?

Make sure each meal/snack contains adequate amounts of protein.

~Do you want to lose weight or maintain your weight loss goals?

Make sure each meal/snack contains adequate amounts of protein.

You should have the picture by now. Each meal should contain adequate amounts of protein AND fiber-rich carbs (from veggies!) AND healthy fats.  So … where do you find good sources of proteins?

Animal proteins are usually the first answer to that question as they contain the most bang for your buck – so to speak. If you do consume animal proteins (no judgments allowed!) look for organic, hormone and antibiotic free, grass-fed, free range products. Animal proteins containing omega 3’s are especially good such as freshwater salmon, tuna, sardines, or mackerel, etc.

Plants, nuts, and seeds can also provide you with good sources of proteins. Look for beans (lentils, black, kidney, lima, etc.) peas, tofu, quinoa, nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.), seeds (flax, sunflower, etc.), spinach, and brown rice to name a few. For plant-based protein mixes in your local health food store, look for pea, hemp, or rice.

(*Fruits can contain too much sugar for many of us dealing with fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions and/or compromised digestive systems. Berries would be a better choice. Look for future posts on this subject and/or check out the Phase 1 diet recommended on **Yes, dairy does have some protein, but when combined with added sugar and the innate dairy sugar, the negative health compromises outweigh the minor benefits of the small amounts of protein.)

Because we’re each different, our protein needs vary dramatically. Some need very little, others need a greater portion of their meals to contain proteins. Have you checked out your own personal Nutritional ID lately? If not, do so HERE!

Want to stay in the race? When you rev up your engine, don’t be a show off! Make sure you’ve got the adequate amount of protein for your particular metabolism. When it comes to your nutrition, get a jumpstart on the limit line and go for the finish line!

Tell me what works for you!

  1. Great timing! I actually scolded a friend yesterday for merely having cereal and milk for breakfast! Egg whites are a great choice; nothing like a yummy omelette with your fave veggies!

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