February 15


Multiple Sources

By Sue Ingebretson

February 15, 2011

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Decades ago, when I began researching health topics, I wanted to know why. Why does chronic illness affect some but not others? Why do some develop fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease? Why do others seem to skip through life seemingly unscathed by disease?

In researching the why’s, I learned some valuable lessons. I did learn why chronic illness visits some and not others but that’s a topic for another day. Today, I want to touch on what I learned about the who’s and the where’s of the research world. Not all discoveries are made in expected circumstances (in well-funded laboratories by old and sweaty scientists).

Sometimes health discoveries come from surprising sources! I’ve found absolutely amazing, ground-breaking, cutting-edge cancer research done by – dentists. Yep. Dentists are scientists, you know. Inquiring minds? Some of the most powerful pioneering research on heart disease has also come from dentists (there’s a strong link between heart health and dental hygiene). I have a friend who went from doctor to doctor looking for a diagnosis of her strange achy joints. She was given an overview of rheumatoid arthritis by her dentist. Sure enough, when she took that information to her doctor, she received her much sought after diagnosis.

Have you ever noticed that chiropractors seem to have a wide diversity of specialties? I know chiropractors who are all about nutrition and others who focus only on the skeletal foundations of sports injuries. The education chiropractors receive focuses on the body’s systems. The fundamental understanding of the body’s systems is what leads many of them to focus on conditions such as fibromyalgia and related and autoimmune conditions. If nothing else, autoimmune problems are systemic – perhaps this is why chiropractors are positioned to grasp a big picture view of how these conditions manifest?

If you’re looking for a great surgeon, would you head to Fantastic Sams? In medieval times barbers were the “go to” guys for surgery. Want to know more about flux capacitors? Try looking HERE!

Point is, when anyone becomes fascinated by a topic of research, that passion fuels a focus that can’t be artificially manufactured. No school can teach that passion – they can only feed what’s already there.

In a nutshell, don’t go nuts about where you get the information –
just get the information!

Look for health and healing information from naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, master herbalists, health coaches, moms, dads, neighbors, websites, wherever/whomever. Focus on the merit and value of information itself.

I’ve learned to focus on the research, the idea, the nugget of truth and not on the name or label of the source. There’s no ONE source. One person is not THE source of information. Look at it as an “and” proposition. It’s your doctor AND your nutritionist AND your acupuncturist AND your massage therapist, etc. You get the picture.

That’s why I’m so excited to take part in TWO amazing projects that will launch very soon. First, I’m taking part in a book project where Top Fibromyalgia Experts are gathering together to spill the beans on what they know about healing. I’ll fill you in as details become available.

Second, I’m honored to join together with two of my favorite Fibromyalgia experts, Deirdre Rawlings and Glen Depke to form what we call The FibroFix team! We’re bringing together a powerhouse webinar series to launch in Spring 2011. We’ll touch on a wide variety of subjects designed to integrate the healing process. In the Fibroworld, it’s the whole enchilada! More information will be available soon, but in the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for the FREE eBook here entitled, The Top 5 Biggest Health Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now! http://www.thefibrofix.com/

You’ll want to be on this list whether you have fibromyalgia or simply wish to feel better than you do. More information will follow via email including free tips and ideas on ways you can implement healing solutions to your life right now!

So, there you have it. Multiple sources, multiple ways of learning, multiple opportunities! YOU get to choose!

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    1. Marlene — so sorry that happened to you. I’ve had that happen to me before on other blogs I’ve commented on, so again — so sorry!

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