September 2


New Year Goals Part Deux

By Sue Ingebretson

September 2, 2014

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New-Year-Goals-Part-DeuxA health coach friend of mine posted last week that according to the media world, September is the New January  … so, Happy New Year! This new season provides an opportunity for fresh starts, revised goals, body and mind detoxification, relaxation retreats, etc. Could your New Year’s health goals do with a bit of a fresh start?


Many of us begin each year feeling as if our potential has just been uncapped. Our opportunities are limitless! And, our potential to achieve our goals is bright, shiny, and new.


Then something happens.


It’s called life. Usually it’s something minor, such as a handful of sleepless nights due to sick child. Or, a business trip takes you away from home. Or a slight symptoms flare makes you take it easy for a bit. In any case, these minor set-backs tarnish and dim our shiny goals.


So, why do these seemingly small speed bumps of life derail our progress? Because we count on, live for, and crave routine in order to achieve success!


Small, minor speed bumps of life

 are routine-busters.


When we view our success through the very small (not to mention unrealistic) lens of perfection, then any change in routine is considered imperfect … or, in other words, a failure.


Having high standards is great. But, unrealistic standards? That’s defeating from the get-go.


Here’s my suggestion. For the remainder of the year –


Please DO set new goals.

Please DO dust off and revise old goals.

Please DO seek out detoxification opportunities to heal your mind and body.

Please DO seek out retreat opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and renew your soul.


Want some great goal-setting guidelines? Would you like to know more about setting clear-cut nutrition, fitness, wellness, and personal achievement goals? Check out this post on How to Lose your Fuzzy Goals and Get Sharp.


And, when you do the things listed above (and more), be sure to anticipate – in advance – the small speed bumps of life. They’re gonna happen, so how will you choose to view them?


Share your views below on how to see your routine as flexible, changeable, and adaptable! 

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    1. Love it! Dreams CAN be goals. When we put a fine point on what – exactly – we’re looking for, then it’s much easier to look, isn’t it?

      1. Sue, some of the goals had to wait for the right season in life. In my situation, I did not have all the pieces of the puzzle of my life transparent so having misinformation or no information has rather set me behind. But who says that life cannot be changed if we set goals. Have worked through so much. Married a wounded soldier, too. Kept my committment but has caused additional havoc in my life. But when I see how far we have come individually and where we may be headed, I am more than encouraged. No, not everyone comes out of the ‘starting gate’ of life the same. In some ways, I still feel like a filly. Nothing wrong with that. LOL

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