March 31


Try This Fast and Easy Nutritional Boost Today

By Sue Ingebretson

March 31, 2015

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Try This Fast and Easy Nutritional Boost TodayIt’s spring! Things are sprouting into 100 hues of emerald. (And, I’m not referring to leftover green bagels from St. Patty’s Day). Green is the color of life, renewal, and new growth. It’s also the color of super foods that pack the most nutritional punch. Want a quick tip to get more of them into your daily diet?

You know why greens

are important, don’t you?

The vibrant nutrition found in leafy greens helps to heal digestive dysfunction and reduce inflammation. Popeye’s favorite treat is headline news. Everywhere you turn, there’s chatter about kale’s fabulous folate, collard’s abundant calcium, and micro greens rich in magnesium. I’ll save you the trouble of buying gossip tabloids — all the rumors are delightfully true.

To get a more details on greens you may wish to try, check out this post that I wrote for our friends at It’s entitled 6 Proven Ways Greens Pack a Powerful Healing Punch – and it’s NOT just for those with fibromyalgia 😉

You probably want more greens in your diet (or, at least the benefit of them), but does the thought of yet another salad for lunch make you fear you’ll grow long ears, a twitchy nose with whiskers, and a cotton-ey tail?

If so, I’ve got great news for you. I’ve got a secret tip that shares the absolute fastest method (that’s also easy-peasy) to incorporate greens into every meal.  It’s the simplest way to eat leafy veggies more consistently (i.e., spinach, kale, romaine, cabbage, Swiss chard, SPRING greens, bok choy, etc.).

Are you ready? This is a writer-downer… 

Serve *EVERY meal

on a bed of greens.

Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? I told you it’s easy. Every meal you prepare can be nutritionally-enhanced by serving it over a bed of leafy greens. It’s not a complex concept. Got scrambled eggs, onions, and broccoli? Serve ‘em on greens. Got a beautifully grilled salmon steak and roasted cauliflower? Serve ‘em on greens. Got a delicious plateful of spiralized zucchini, sauce, and peapods? Serve ‘em on greens.

Getting your extra greens in every bite really does add up. Even a handful of greens is better than none.

You may point out that the fastest way to incorporate greens into your body is to drink them (ahem, smoothies or by juicing) – but this post is about fast AND easy. Plunking down a handful of greens can’t get easier.   

I obviously think that green drinks are an exceptional way to consume more greens. Would I build an online course around making blended smoothies if I didn’t? I created this course to help my readers and clients make their smoothie creations in a snap. If you’d like to learn more about my Smoothie Jumpstart course, check it out here.

So, I hope you now have the gist. Make a meal – serve it on greens.

*And, what about meals that are a bit more liquid-ey (such as soups, stews, and chili)? Simple! Just go topsy-turvy and serve your bed of greens IN the meal. Just as I said, easy-peasy 😉

What are your favorite ways to get more greens into your diet? Share your tips below.

  1. My favorite way to get my greens is to throw a handful of dried nettles in my morning smoothy. I harvest the tender young nettles in the spring and dry them for the year. They make a great tea too. Now, not everyone will want to go picking stinging nettle but you can also buy it online or at a health food store. They are so nutritious!

  2. EVERYTHING you write, Sue..ALWAYS makes huge sense. I really look forward to reading your blogs. Keep them coming!

    You have inspired me to not just think about changing my eating lifestyle, but to actually do it! Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda – you’re exemplifying what I see all the time. When we start to think (and believe) that change is possible, action naturally follows!

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