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Oska Pulse Pain Relief Product Review

By Sue Ingebretson

January 24, 2017

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Would you like pain relief without pills, lotions, potions, or invasive treatments? What if you could find this pain relief in a package smaller than your hand, and you could even wear it? Oska Pulse may be the very pain relief product you’re looking for.

When it comes to pain relief, seeing isn’t believing.

The Looks

When you see this device, the first thing you notice is its sleek design. It reminds me of a computer mouse that’s been squooshed almost flat. It comes with a black, stretchy compression strap that can go around the body and adapt to just about any use. I wrap it around me more than once if I want a snug fit around a shoulder, for example. There’s Velcro on the strap and it’s completely adjustable.

The device also comes with a very nice storage box, a short USB cord for recharging, and a Recommended Application protocol card, a Registration card, and a User’s Manual.

The device itself looks simple, because it is. It’s extremely simple to use. But, the technology built within the Oska Pulse is anything but simple.

The Technology

Here’s how Oska Wellness says it:

“Oska Pulse generates PEMF-like therapy by passing a suitably configured electric current through a coil of copper wire to deliver optimized eTec signals via a series of electromagnetic pulses. PEMF technology has been clinically proven in numerous applications to treat pain and to promote joint and muscle recovery without the serious adverse safety risks sometimes associated with invasive surgery. Unlike other pain management devices, the Oska Pulse does not require the use of electrodes.”

Do I need to say more?

The Oska Pulse is not a TENS unit and doesn’t use subcutaneous nerve stimulation. There’s no sensation, vibration, or electrical current.

The Story

How’s your Aussie accent? Can you say G’day mate and crikey? If so, try saying the name, Oscar with an Aussie accent. If so, you’ll notice that phonetically, you’re saying, “Oska.”

Yes, that’s how this device got its name.

You see, this specialized technology was used to help treat wounded animals that survived a devastating wildfire in Australia. A beloved Koala named Oscar was not expected to survive. He whimpered in pain and wasn’t able to sleep due to severe burns. He hadn’t responded to standard treatments. When a prototype unit with PEMF therapy technology was placed near him, he started to recover. He cried less, slept, and finally began the healing process. In fact, he not only healed, he was released back into the wild.  

Isn’t that the best recovery story ever?

The Oska Pulse is named in this brave bear’s honor.  

(And, for you nit pickers … yes, I know that a koala is not a bear. If it makes you feel better, feel free to sing this song.)

The Videos

This short video takes less than 2 minutes to give an overview of the Oska Pulse.

Oska Pulse proudly Made in the USA informative video.

YouTube Oska Wellness page with personal testimonials.

The Results

Yes, the device isn’t just pretty. It actually is methodically working to reduce pain by going to the cellular source of inflammation. This means pain relief. Despite the name, you can’t actually feel it pulse. There’s no physical sensation at all. You only know it’s working by the lights that flash and then a beep when it’s finished. The cycle runs for about 30 minutes at a time and you can press the button again for another cycle.

When I used it, it seemed to run at least 3 times before needing to be recharged. This is just fine for me.

I used this device on myself, my hubby and several clients. Pup wouldn’t wear it. Actually, I didn’t want Pup to wear it as I think her long fur would gunk up the Velcro.

As for me, I’m not in very much pain but I did happen to have a bout of shoulder blade pain in November. I used it across my back and found that it did relieve my pain after several days of usage. (See, The Truth below).

It wasn’t radical, instant pain relief but rather a sense of gradual healing and lessened pain levels.

In a different circumstance, I tripped over something and re-injured an ankle that I’d injured a couple of years ago. I put the Oska Pulse on it right away and ran it several times per day for two days. That protocol worked very quickly and I think it saved me from a lengthy recovery. In fact, it healed so quickly that I’d forgotten about it until I sat down to write this post. (How soon we forget!)

My friends and clients who used it had similar experiences. None of them had current injuries. They used it on their most common chronic pain spots. I believe that when the Oska Pulse is used on long term chronic pain, the recovery rate and rate of pain relief is slower than for an injury or for pain that’s new. Getting leverage on long term pain takes concentrated and consistent usage.   

In any case, the pain relief experienced is worth the effort.

The Downside

There’s always a downside to using anything new. I had two main struggles as I first used the Oska Pulse.

Initially, I thought it was supposed to vibrate or pulse or zing me in some way to let me know it was working. It’s hard to figure out if it’s ON when you’re wearing it on your back or on the back of your shoulder (as I did). I just had to turn it on, see that it was on, and then place it where I needed it. I made it harder than it had to be by trying to turn it on after it was in place. Also, sometimes I wouldn’t hear the beep indicating that it was done (I get really lost in my reading, writing, and research and often tune out my surroundings). So if you really want to know when the thirty minutes are up, set a timer.

The other problem was adjusting the strap and getting the device to sit where I wanted. It took me some time to realize that it doesn’t have to be spot on. Literally. It doesn’t have to be exactly on the spot of pain and there’s a lot of wiggle room in how it’s placed. It’s fine to place it over your pajamas, over your bathrobe, or even over your outerwear clothing.

It was easy to put on the back of my neck, my lower back, and on my wrists. But I found it difficult to finagle onto one shoulder blade or the other. Getting the strap to work diagonally across my back was sort of complicated for me and it would have been easier to have someone else to help. Maybe that’s just me.

I did end up leaving the strap velcroed into a loop. I’d then thread one arm and my head into it so that it sat diagonally across my back. Whatever works, right? I guess it wasn’t all that complicated. 

The Truth

Do you know the truth behind WHY people don’t get results from most of their new devices, protocols, or practices? If you ask them, they’ll tell you. The honest truth is that they don’t use it. Sure, at the beginning, they’ll try it a few times and then forget about it. How many devices or treatments do you have at home, but don’t use?

I have my fair share of found and then forgotten products.

I think this happens when the results don’t send fireworks into the sky spelling out the words, Stupendous, Amazing, or Miraculous! That’s not very realistic.

Real, root-level pain relief healing doesn’t happen that way. Healing the chronic illness body takes time. Incrementally, the inflamed tissues become less inflamed and pain becomes less noticeable. It’s not an overnight experience.

So, I know I’m not alone in forgetting to use the Oska Pulse. Out of sight, out of mind. After one of the first times I’d used it, I tucked it into my nightstand drawer. Bad idea. After realizing I hadn’t used it, I kept it on my desk where I was much more likely to think of it and strap it on.

Want to put yours to the test?

Here’s a simple tip: Keep it where you see it.  

The Guarantee

It has a one year free manufacturer’s warranty as well as a satisfaction guarantee. If within 90 days of purchase, you’re not satisfied, you can contact Oska Wellness for instructions on returning the device and obtaining your refund.

The Disclaimer

Do not use the Oska Pulse if you are pregnant, nursing, or have an implant that’s made of magnetic materials.

“The Oska Pulse is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration as a Class 1 Medical Device. The Oska Pulse is intended for the beneficial effect as outlined in the User Manual and instructional literature. Oska Wellness, Inc. does not claim that this product diagnoses treats, cures, or prevents any medical conditions. Always consult your medical doctor regarding any health concerns.”

In the same spirit, the information in this blog post should not be considered medical advice.

The Discounted Price

Yes, some say the Oska Pulse is a pricey product. But it depends on what it’s compared to, doesn’t it? For me, an Oska Pulse would be the same price as 9 doctor visits, or 8 chiropractor visits, or 5 physical therapy visits. Based on my insurance plan, it’s less than 1 trip to the Emergency Room.

Let’s not go there.

Personally, I’d rather use an in-home, safe, simple-to-use device in the comfort of my jammies than go to any of the above-mentioned places. Not that I’m knocking the chiropractor. I’m just pointing out that the one-time price of this unit can be minimal when you think about using it daily for years to come. At that rate, its usage is just pennies per day.

The Oska Pulse retails for $399 and by purchasing it here through this discount link, you receive a 5% discount. Please use the discount code: SUEINGE

For more information, head on over to the OskaWellness Website

Don’t forget to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Are you planning on trying the Oska Pulse for yourself? Let me know what you think! 

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  1. You are speaking to me with your TRUTH – I am very much guilty of not having used it enough when I first got it. But, man oh man do I love this little OSKA now! It saved me from a shoulder issue I’ve had for 3 years. I went from unable to fill out a dr office form without pain to writing pages and pages of notes over a 2 day period, and painting again, and dancing!

    1. So glad you’ve added your fabulous experience here! Feel free to drop a link to your review here in the comments, too 😉

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