July 5


Pain Free – Doctor’s Orders!

By Sue Ingebretson

July 5, 2011

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Have you ever thought about your expectations and how they make all the difference in your healing plan? What do you expect from your healing treatments? And, what role do YOU play in that expectation?

Imagine this:

You come home from the pharmacy with a new medicine called “POOF! Pain-Be-Gone.”

You put it on the counter and stare at it. You can’t stop thinking about it. You worry about every imaginable possibility:



What if POOF works?

What if POOF doesn’t work?

What if POOF gives you a flare of symptoms?

What if POOF only partially works?

What if POOF brings on new symptoms?

What if POOF makes your current symptoms worse?

What if POOF simply isn’t for you?

What if POOF doesn’t help you achieve the same benefits as you’ve read about?

What if POOF doesn’t help you achieve the same benefits as it did for your friends?

What if POOF is expensive?

What if POOF works and then gets taken off the market?


Now – back to the question of expectations. Remember that I asked what role YOU play in the above scenario? You really only have one responsibility. You’re expected to take ACTION. In this case, you’re expected to swallow the POOF pills as directed. After all, if you don’t take them, what chance do they have of helping you?

The “as directed” part is important. You can’t take a POOF pill once and expect it to have miraculous results. You must commit your actions to a specified period of time — doctor’s orders!

If you thought about the POOF treatment, but never implemented it, that would just be silly, right?

When I do speaking engagements and workshops, I often ask for attendees to list the various pain management options they’ve heard about – the ones that are reported to have a healing benefit for those with chronic pain conditions (i.e. fibromyalgia, RA, MS, CFS, Lupus, Lyme disease, etc.). I typically hear them call out healing and stress-relieving modalities such as, yoga, tai chi, walking, deep breathing, meditation/prayer, aqua aerobics, journaling, guided imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

We then have a lively discussion of everyone’s experiences and understandings of how these treatments work.

I then ask, “How many of you participate in any of these healing modalities on a regular basis?”

That’s when I hear crickets chirping.

So, then –we’ve all heard or read that these modalities at least have the potential to work. But oftentimes, they’re not put into action!

As stated above with the Poof medications, if you don’t take them as directed, what are the odds that they’ll work? What are the odds that yoga or tai chi will work if they’re not put into ACTION?

Here’s another question for you – how would you react if your doctor told you that tai chi, for example, is part of his healthy healing protocol? In other words, he says it’s “doctor’s orders,” would you try it?

Taking one yoga class or even taking five gives you no better indication of how it will work than taking five pills.

It’s the consistent implementation of any healing plan that will provide you with the desired results.

The various healing modalities discussed here have been studied over and over by various doctors, scientists, and researchers. They show powerful healing benefits including pain reduction/elimination, improved cognitive function, improved digestion and blood flow, improved balance, weight management, etc. And, the best part is these healing modalities include NO harmful chemicals, and when done properly, NO harmful side effects.

So, what plan will you begin TODAY? We’ve just begun the 2nd half of 2011, so imagine how it will feel to reduce or eliminate your pain by the holidays. That’s a do-able goal.

Here’s to you finishing out 2011 pain-free. Doctor’s orders!

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