February 14


Improve Pain, Sleep & Energy in Micro Steps

By Sue Ingebretson

February 14, 2017

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Want to improve your pain, sleep, and energy? Micro steps to the rescue. Imagine a night of deep, restorative rest. Imagine feeling the burden of pain lessen its grip on your overworked body. I get asked, “How can I get more sleep, more energy and less pain?” more than any other question. I’m here today to give an answer that’s easier than you may think.

My answer is always the same.

Pain, sleep, and energy are some of what I call, Results Symptoms.

But here’s the great news about micro steps! 

Your frustrating symptoms can – and will – diminish when the causes are addressed. There’s never just one cause and there’s never just one remedy.

Sleep disturbances can come from pain itself which creates a vicious cycle of dysfunction. However, the same cycle applies when healthy practices take place. And, this time the cycle isn’t vicious at all. When small healthy changes take place, great big results can occur. 

What do I mean by pain, sleep, and energy being Results Symptoms? These symptoms, and more, come from the greater dysfunction that exists within chronic illness. The causes of this dysfunction create a myriad of results which can be lumped into several main categories including pain, sleep disturbances, cognitive dysfunction, and life-impacting fatigue.

You can learn more from my article, Why Pain, Fatigue, FibroFog, and Sleep are Results Symptoms.

Addressing the root causes of pain, sleep, and energy isn’t all that complicated.

I’ve recently written a comprehensive ProHealth article on natural solutions for these basic, root-level symptoms. Start the process by deciding which problematic areas need your attention most.

Have you heard of micro habits? Everyone in the habit change world is abuzz with this topic. The study of micro habits has exploded with plenty of evidence to show efficacy. Google micro, tiny, or small habits and you’ll find an abundance of resources.

The basic premise of a micro habit is that you made them so small, and link them to something you already do – so you can’t fail! In fact, you’re encouraged to make them easy. Simple habits such as flossing ONE tooth.

Seriously. Make these habits so small that they don’t require effort, motivation, or even much thought.

Actions that are so simple they’re a “no brainer,” can become habits when you track and pay attention to your progress. It’s all about making your habits ridiculously easy.

The missing component for most of us in making small habits stick? We don’t track our progress and we don’t celebrate our success. We often fail to recognize our success because we think the accomplishment is too small to warrant even an “atta girl/boy.” Instead, we just keep going and then lose steam.

To plan out the simple steps to success, watch this short and fun TEDx video. You’ll find simple tips with life changing potential.

For examples on Tiny Habits, here are 25 to view.  

For even more Tiny Habit examples, check out this handout with the “recipe” to create a tiny habit along with many examples all neatly packaged in a downloadable PDF

Are you ready to implement small, incremental habits to find your own path to relieve pain, find deep sleep, and boost your energy?

Which habits will you create? Share with us below!

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