January 7


Pain Solution Summit for Fibromyalgia

By Sue Ingebretson

January 7, 2020

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Is it easy to gather pain solutions all in one place? Meaning, have you ever collected a bunch of health experts together to dish out their juiciest secrets for solutions on fibromyalgia and chronic illness pain? What if I told you this has already been done for you?

The time has come ….

Pain Solution Event

It’s time!

I wanna make sure you hear about this important event for those who deal with chronic pain. People like you.

This event is happening the week of January 23-26, 2020.  

My friend, the PEMF Doctor, Dr. Pawluk has allowed me to pass along an Early Bird link to you to sign up for FREE. So, be sure to give this a quick read.

Set a reminder to attend

this free online chronic pain solutions training event.

You don’t need to worry about travel, plane, lost baggage, over-priced hotels or anything that is going to take you away from your family.

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What to Expect in the Pain Solution Summit

This FREE online event will help you…

  • Find solutions to reduce your pain naturally
  • Receive information that comes from experience so that you can finally make better-informed decisions
  • Achieve greater levels of mobility than previously imagined
  • Feel more like you have a normal life
  • Enjoy time with your family and friends again
  • And, so much more!


  • You will know what you can do to quickly reduce your chronic pain naturally… 
  • You will have what you need to finally reverse the effects of severe pain… 
  • You will know what to do to effortlessly become more mobile and reduce limitations… 

Who Are the Experts in the Pain Solution Summit?

Dr. Pawluk called in some serious favors to get 25+ expert presenters (including ME!) together for you during this free 4-day online event, created exclusively for people in pain.


More subjects than I have room to mention will be covered. Pain will be discussed, for sure, but you’ll hear all about it from different angles. Some will focus on other aspects of healing related to a life that’s compromised with pain. (HINT: I’ll be talking about how to gain energy – naturally!)

All I can say is, please get in quick.

Go to this Early Bird registration page below so you can grab your free online pass while they’re still available… 

==> The Pain Solutions Summit Registration Link.  

The Pain Solution Summit truly represents A NEW WAY to help you eliminate your pain, with systems and strategies that SIMPLY WORK. 

This isn’t pain relief “theory” — this event will reveal THE NEW FOUNDATION for answers to being free from your chronic pain in today’s crazy and ever-changing world. 

Without these strategies and systems in place, your future can suffer needlessly. Both Dr. Pawluk and I want more for you than that. And, I know you want more for yourself, too.  

So, if discovering new ways to eliminate pain with greater ease appeals to you … or you just want to be a “fly on the wall” and learn how other pain relief experts are achieving success with their patients/clients, grab your seat now.

Go here and register now while it’s still free.


 Pain Solutions Summit Summary

Figuring all of this out on your own may not be your strength. Don’t worry, most pain-stricken people I’ve seen over the years are in the same boat. They’re too tired to read, research, sift information, and glean the best practices.

We’ve got you covered.  

That’s why Dr. Pawluk and 25+ other experts are offering to coach you during this live event, along with TOP health and wellness community leaders. 

To put that value into perspective, pain relief gurus charge upwards of $2k for short-term resources that are more surface-level. And, that information isn’t usually targeted just for those with chronic pain. So, recognize that you’re getting focused time and attention from the experts. This summit provides an uncommon value.  

REGISTER for the Pain Solutions Summit NOW.

Act quickly. There’s only a limited time to get in for free.

What would you like to see happen in 2020?

Better weight management? Better food choices? Healthier relationships? Better physical toning? Better priority on self-care? Better stress management?

It’s up to you!

Design your year to start off right. You choose where you want better results and let me show you the steps to get there. Join me now before the price goes up mid-January.

Go HERE for details or to sign up. 

Go HERE for more info on my 2020 Results Program. 


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