August 23


Passion UP Now!

By Sue Ingebretson

August 23, 2016

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My friend and colleague Prudence Sinclair is going to share her personal brink of death story that transformed her life into one of passionate purpose. She’s assembled others who have their own stories to share of how to live life full out – or as Prue says, Passion Up!  

Please check out this message from Prue and sign up for the free videos that are certain to bless you with inspiration, information, and encouragement.



If you’re waiting around for the perfect time to de-stress your life, heal your life, and save your life – NOW is the time!

There will always be a reason to put your life on hold to not focus on you – your whole health – your whole life.

Problem is – you can keep delaying
and keep delaying until
you become compromised
by chronic illness … or worse. 

People, who live truly fulfilled, healthy, whole lives, who wake up –passion up – and show up in their life, live their best life ever.

They live the kind of life they dreamed of as a child!

Answer the following questions honestly:

  • Are you stressed out to the max?
  • Do you question your lifestyle?
  • Do you live in fear that one day you may hear any of these 3 scary words from your doctor? (i.e. “You have diabetes – You have arthritis – You have lupus – You have fibromyalgia – You have hypertension – You have Multiple Sclerosis – You have cancer….”)

Perhaps you’ve already been diagnosed with a serious illness and given a few months to live.

Are you confused with how to heal your life?

Are you fearful to try natural healing methodologies alone or as a complementary approach to western medicine?

Are you interested in trying natural healing methods but don’t know where to start, who to trust or what to do for yourself and your loved ones?

Is there such a thing as common sense medicine?

Yes, there is, and I’m so pleased to introduce you to my story. I’ve spent the past 3 decades researching about integrative, nutritional, mind-body therapies and self-healing methodologies – or what I refer to as “common sense medicine.”

Watch my video of inspiration and learn what I did to save my own life from stage 4 nodular malignant melanoma. Doctors gave me only 6 months to live. That was 28 years ago!

Find out exactly how I turned tragic moments into magic moments and saved my life.

Find out here. 

I’d also like you to join us right now for the FIRST ever, one-of-a-kind Save Your Life Symposium. 10 experts – 10 soulful survivors – 10 days – 30 gifts. These are renowned, scientific and soulful survivors, experts, and presenters who will teach you how to heal your life – how to take charge and be in control of your whole health – your whole life.

I’m happy to share that Sue Ingebretson of is one of my Premier Presenters who will share her own story of discovery in this event.

It’s free so sign up right here

Imagine making better decisions about your whole health and your whole life.

Imagine knowing that you are in control of your destiny.

Imagine finding that beautiful you again, you know… the one that got lost along the way.

Our Premier Presenters are a mix of thought-leaders, physicians, PhD’s, NY Times Best Sellers and soulful survivors who have turned their life around; reclaimed their soul and their health.

I am honored to share this information with you because as a collective group, we truly care about you and want to share our knowledge to help you heal and save your life.

This is a personal invitation to join me at this special Save Your Life Symposium.

Sign up today and let’s get started! 

Unfortunately, we all know someone with cancer, chronic illness, autoimmune disease who struggles with health challenges and living a stressed out life. It’s time to get educated. Please share this email with a loved one.

Please join us and sign up now! 

Blessings to you,

Prue Sinclair


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