May 1


Are You Plugged In?

By Sue Ingebretson

May 1, 2012

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Life is like a racetrack. Sometimes we speed along zooming around obstacles and curves, and at other times, we’re conserving our energy and just pacing ourselves.

In either case, what’s important is that we get Plugged In. Do we have enough energy? Are we fueled with the proper fuel? Are we running at peak efficiency?

While this would be the perfect intro for another post on nutrition, we’re going to instead look at something “higher” up. We’re going to look at the ultimate Source of our energy.

When I was a kid, my cousin received a Hot Wheels electric race car track for Christmas. Being in a household with sisters (and one older brother who was WAY too cool for toys), I was enamored with that toy meant only for boys. I was fixated on the fine skill of making the cars go fast, yet stay on the track.

There was this funny groove (a slot) in the track and the cars had this thingy (Mattel might have had a more technical term for this) that fit into the groove making the electrical connection. If the car went too fast, it lifted off the track thereby losing the electrical connection.

Do we sometimes in life, go too fast or get off track? If so, what happens when we’re no longer Plugged In?

Getting Plugged In is a key factor in getting and staying healthy. A positive mental focus (one benefit of being Plugged In), is a predictor of success. Plugging In can mean a wide variety of things. While our personal spirituality practices may differ, we can each get Plugged In in a wide variety of ways. We may engage in:

— Prayer – Bible Study/Devotionals

— Meditation

— Journaling

— Walks on the Beach

— Connecting with Nature (shoes off, please!)

— Healing Activities such as – Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong

— Creating a Focus on Gratitude

— Practicing Self-Less Service

Getting Plugged In may mean different things to different people, but the results are the same. Getting Plugged In means getting into alignment. It helps us to stay on track.

If you happen to feel off-center or off track, take a look at your Plugged In practices. Have they taken a backseat to your busy lifestyle? Do you need to re-prioritize?

If so, get Plugged In and get going! What are your favorite Plugged In practices? Tell me about them!

  1. Been doing much of the above in my efforts to “plug-in”. Gotta ask about the Hot Wheels…didn’t know they had an electric version. I had the orange track and you’d start it up high so the cars could get speed and then have them do the loop de loop etc. Yes, I played with cars as a child!

  2. Yep – there was a slot car version, too. I found them on Google Images, but the image wasn’t interesting enough to include in the post. I didn’t have race cars at my house, so it was a blast to play at my cousin’s!

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