January 17


Re-post from December 12, 2009

By Sue Ingebretson

January 17, 2010

So, here it is — my inaugural blog address. As I write, I have two documents open: this blog post and the endorsements page of my manuscript. How fitting to begin one journey as I end another.

For the past three years, I’ve been working on a book about chronic illness. Basically, it’s my story about getting sick and getting better. The book process has been a crazy journey, but if I squint, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Back to the endorsements. They’re the last thing added to a manuscript, but first to go into a book. Editing endorsements is tough. It’s hard to chop words that are both personal and thoughtful. The fact that others (most of whom are perfect strangers) wrote them about my work makes it near impossible. But, although I appreciate every word, they’re not all necessary. Too many words look cluttered.

Isn’t that a lot like life? Sifting through clutter to find what’s real, essential, necessary?

That’s what I hope this blog will be about — looking at life and health issues through the lens of truth. In my quest for wellness, I’ve waded through facts, fibs, and fairytales of fibromyalgia and chronic illness. I’ve become a Truth Sleuth and it’s my hope you’ll become one, too.

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