November 28


Strategies to Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms Webinar

By Sue Ingebretson

November 28, 2017

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It’s time to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms with tips and strategies I’ll share this week. The GeneFo exclusive webinar is Wednesday! Among other topics, tune in to discover why chronic illness symptoms increase and how to help them decrease.  

Reducing Symptoms Webinar

This week! Join me in this free webinar happening on Wednesday 1:00 pm ET. Enroll NOW to be sure that you receive the links to attend. This exclusive webinar includes a Q&A session at the end, so don’t miss out.

But, if you can’t attend live, don’t fret. By signing up HERE, you’ll receive a link to the recorded event.

Bits of My Untold Story

Why haven’t I shared this bit before? There are parts of my story I’ve kept to myself. That’s just human nature isn’t it? Especially, when things have happened in the past and your memory is somewhat foggy. I wasn’t certain that what I remembered was completely real.

The fog cleared recently when I tripped over the microfiche records of an old newspaper. No one could have been more surprised to see photos of one of my most poignant memories. There it was, front and center, bold in black and white.  

In this webinar presentation, I’ll show you a clip of this FRONT PAGE NEWS story that actually validates my memory as accurate.  

Webinar recap

In this webinar, you’ll discover …

  • Key strategies that not only help to reduce symptoms, but in many cases help to eliminate them.
  • In a simple and easy to follow way – what goes wrong in the chronic illness body and what creates the cycle of dysfunction
  • Tips on navigating the world of natural options
  • 3 key areas of focus to achieve maximum impact
  • A key element missing in most health recovery attempts
  • Action steps to implement right away
  • Q&A after the webinar

Register NOW!

What you need to do – right now – is register for Wednesday’s event. Sign up even if you’re not sure that you’ll be available at the specific time.

You’ll be notified of how to attend the event live and also how to access the replay. Can’t wait to see you there!

Who is GeneFo?

GeneFo is a specialized social-medical platform.

“GeneFo connects you to other patients with genetic related conditions, caregivers, and leading healthcare specialists that deliver personalized, up-to-date feedback in real time.”

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