April 29


Rehearsing Positivity

By Sue Ingebretson

April 29, 2014

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Have you ever participated in a play or any type of performance? If so, you can relate to the time, energy, effort, as well as the fears and tears involved in practicing and rehearsing. Rehearsals begin with positivity in anticipation of a great production.  


What we practice is what we create, right?


But, not all productions end up as we originally anticipate.


Have you ever worried about an impending confrontation with a co-worker, family member, or acquaintance? Be honest. You practiced – or rehearsed – the conversation in your mind ahead of time, didn’t you?


We all do that.


When you’ve done this in the past, think about the anticipated battles that were the most heated for you. The ones that upset you the most, and where you anticipated the most confrontation, were the ones that probably ended up playing out just as you rehearsed. Or, maybe they became even more fired-up than anticipated. 


Let me say that in another way.


When we rehearse a conversation in our heads first, the actual conversation usually goes very much like our imagined conversation. This is especially true when the conversation is particularly important and/or upsetting.


Sometimes we can get surprised by the other party introducing a simple resolution, but this doesn’t happen often.




Because our confrontations not only carry our words at the time … they carry along ALL of the energy of our rehearsed conversations, too. It’s as if the conversations in our minds (the dress rehearsal) already happened. And then the “real” conversation is simply the live matinee performance.


Did you know that the mind cannot differentiate between a real experience and one that is vividly imagined? That means, it doesn’t differentiate between a dress rehearsal and a live performance. Your body experiences, on a physical level, every thought that you have. So pay particular attention to the not-so-helpful ones.


Consider the thoughts that drift through your mind the most. How’s your inner dialogue? How’s your self-talk? Are your thoughts about your health, your finances, your relationships, or your work?


Now here’s the kicker question:


Are those thoughts mostly negative or mostly positive?


Remember this:


You get to choose

what you rehearse.


Whatever you rehearse the most – is what comes to fruition. Creating positive rehearsals isn’t difficult. It just takes practice and a bit of intentional re-directed focus.


If you’d like to eat better, check out healthy magazine and newspaper articles. Go online and check out Pinterest, related web sites, and healthy eating blogs.


The same actions can be taken for any number of desires including creating a healthier fitness lifestyle, creating better financial solutions for you and your family, and creating healthier relationships.


When you immerse yourself in the topic of your choice, you’ll find that you create positive inner conversations in your head.


Regarding positivity and forward action, keep this in mind:


Getting INTO your head

helps you to GET ahead.


Is your inner production ready to start rehearsals? Pull back the curtain, cue the lights, and get on stage — front and center!


What productions would YOU like to create for yourself? Are your thoughts mostly negative or positive? Join in the conversation below!


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  1. What a creative analogy, Sue! One of your best articles and insights I have read. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much Julie! Your kindness and eager spirit to jump into the conversation here is much appreciated!

  2. Why thank you so much. I wanted to let you know that I had recent MRIs for my neck and my spine. It was a challenge to have done as the new, more improved/advanced MRI was used. Most people like it. Not me, as total non-movement as a seated person (for two segments of 30 minutes each with 2-8 minute intervals) was not an improvement from either the closed or open-wide MRIs that I have had in the past. The pain on my neck and spine worsened. Oh, well. I am delighted to share that I finally found an experienced D.O. at a pain center who offers Osteo Manual Manipulation. OMM. Thankfully, my insurance will pay for this treatment. I go back May 30th to hear test results and maybe begin treatment that day. In the meantime, I am attending this doctor’s FIBRO TALK seminar all in my area. The best thing is that this doctor retired from Walter Reed Hospital and worked with people who have PTSD. He listened to me and spent almost two hours with me initially. I, also, have started using my Miracle Balls that seem to be helping my trigger points. I am still lagging with the yoga and even purchased a Christian version which I desire. It is the slowness & the modifications that I must make to accommodate both FM & OA (which tend to be at odds with each other as to the movements tolerated). It is tedious. But my primary knows (and I know it as well) that it will help me with the chronic pain. Thanks for reading, listening, and making a huge difference in my life. I used to be a part of a FM support group online but after a year, many people were not moving forward. Thankfully, I have just enough people as FB friends who I knew from that group who are moving forward. Being positive in our minds does make a huge difference.

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