October 24


Reimagining Autoimmune Recovery Summit

By Sue Ingebretson

October 24, 2023

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Are you currently struggling with chronic symptoms? If you’re on my blog list, then of course you are. The very nature of chronic anything means that it’s a struggle.


But would you like to hear a variety of opinions, suggestions, and protocols regarding some of these health challenges? What about getting this info for FREE?


I thought so.


Can You Reimagine Recovery?


Chronic health challenges weigh heavily on both mind and body. The flares that have become so familiar to all of us are problematic in their unpredictability. Stress is always a main trigger, but what if there were options to tamp down some of that unpredictability? What if the symptom flares could be minimized or even eliminated?


You may have been told that your symptoms are just something you need to learn to live with. You may have even been told that they’ll probably get worse or that your only options are potential surgeries and/or a future of life-long medications.


I’m grateful to report that these predictions are absolutely not true.


I know, from personal experience, that there are ways to successfully approach chronic conditions without life-long dependence on medications. And the best part … you can actually feel better!


It’s exciting to share that there are many ways to restore health.


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Reimagining Autoimmune Recovery Summit



Those approaches and methods have been on the forefront of the personal experience and studies of many of my colleagues and other forward-thinking coaches and practitioners.


My good friend, Melissa Rose of Sagebrush Wellness, has gathered her favorite friends and colleagues to share real solutions that may be new to you. Melissa’s event is a virtual 2-week extravaganza that’s sure to transform your life.


And, of course, I’m really excited that Melissa asked me to join this life-changing event!


In my topic, Reimagine a Brain Reboot – I’ll share vital info on what our brain (and therefore our body) thinks about chronic stress – and 3 simple strategies to give it the reboot it needs!


When you sign up, and participate in the summit, you’ll also have access to freebies offered by the speakers and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on mine that’s all about stress. Be sure to check back for more details on that.


In this summit, you’ll hear from other expert holistic practitioners, mindset experts, nutritionists, Reiki specialists, health coaches, and much more. 😉


They’re going to share all kinds of tips for how you can start living your life to the fullest. Who doesn’t want that?


The overall intention is for you to leave this summit feeling hopeful about your future armed with real solutions for recovery.


Join me and 23 other amazing experts for the FREE, online Reimagining Autoimmune Recovery Summit. Let’s start this journey together!


Click Here to Sign Up Today!  


Join in the fun beginning November 6th – it’s coming soon.


Take back your life NOW!



As always, if you’d like help mapping out your own shifts toward recovery, contact me HERE and let’s have a chat. What shifts await in your future?

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