May 17


Renewal Retreat Contest Giveaway!

By Sue Ingebretson

May 17, 2010

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I’m interrupting my own blog series on the Top 5 Ways to Conquer Chronic Illness to bring you this AMAZING opportunity!

I’m so excited for next week I can hardly stand it. I’ll be participating in the Women of Passionate Purpose retreat entitled, Renewal of Purpose. Scheduling a little “retreat time” is just what the doctor ordered for many of us. Uplifting heavenly messages are always welcome, but when you’re dealing with chronic illness, they can be downright medicinal.

This amazing and power-packed Christian Women’s Ministry event will take place NEXT week, May 25th thru 27th.

I can hear you already — you’ve got meetings those days, you’re going to be out of town, you can’t travel to Austin, TX….

Here’s the good news: This is a no-excuse retreat!

All speakers will present their messages online with powerpoint and audio – so you can SEE and HEAR every last nugget of knowledge.  No need to pack a bag and gas up the car. Nothing required but your computer and an internet connection. Come one and all. Wear comfy clothes (a bathrobe is fine), and a smile. And, don’t worry if your busy life conflicts with the speaker schedule. All presentations will be available for download later for registered attendees.

Over a dozen spirit-filled speakers will present information on topics of renewal such as joy, spiritual inspiration, motherhood, fitness, and healing. Check out the lineup here:

The lovely Kathryn Bonner, founder of Women of Passionate Purpose International (WPPI – pronounced “whippy”), has kindly offered tickets for me to give away. I can’t wait to share them with you! I’ll be giving away tickets this week, announcing the winners on Friday, the 21st of May. To enter this contest, send me send me a note by leaving a comment here on my blog ( or via email ( with WPPI CONTEST in the subject line. BE SURE TO INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION FOR YOU.

Simply tell me WHY you’d like to attend. No need to get fancy or worry about impressing me. Just tell me why you’d like to go to this Renewal of Purpose retreat. Even if you don’t win, I encourage you to sign up for the retreat. I know you’ll be blessed!

  1. I would love to have the change to attend the renewal of purpose retreat. For so many years I have lived with the burden of abuse and the lingering physical pain that does not qualify for fibromyalgia as it has many aspects of individual “itis’s” that I am unable to obtain long lasting relief. The mental fog is often the hardest to overcome when the pain is present.

    I have left the workplace and begun to work form home as a freelance writer. My struggles are not in the obtaining of work but the focus on the work that I have. The work I have been fortunate to receive is more academic than creative and I lose interest in the process.

    I also struggle as my husband does not seem to think that what I am doing during the day is worth anything. Even though I have made enough money to pay bills, purchase 2 laptops and a large sectional for our living room among other larger purchases, I still struggle to let him see that what I do is a full time job. His expectations for me is to have a “real” job in the workforce, keep up with the house while he is gone so that I can spend all my time and attention on him when he gets home.

    Last night he told me of three jobs that I could apply for to earn a real wage and the pain that it caused me was unbearable. I need to find a source of rejuvenation for my heart and mind and feel this would be a great opportunity to do so.

    I do hope that I can win tickets to this event.

    Thanks so much

    Dannett Frey
    22 b jacobs way drive
    hendersonville nc 28792

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