December 20


How to Get Off the Roller Coaster of Christmas

By Sue Ingebretson

December 20, 2011

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This time of year stirs up a variety of moods. For many, the 24 days of December that precede Christmas are like an emotional rollercoaster.

— We experience feelings of pain and loss for those who live far away.
— We experience hurts and sadness from behaviors of those nearby.
— We experience increased pressure to “do it all” and “be jolly” while we do it.
— We experience increased financial pressure.
— We experience increased time/energy pressure.
— We experience increased commitment/activity pressure.
— We experience increased poor food choice temptations (which lead to mood/pain issues).

The bottom line is that while stressful activities increase, we’re not quick to balance them out with helpful relaxation and healing activities.

As always, balance is the key.

To stop the roller coaster lifestyle, schedule some or all of the following activities for the weeks ahead. Remember that if it’s not a scheduled priority, it doesn’t happen!

Practice deep breathing exercises
Pray (after all, isn’t that what this season is all about?)
Meditate – take time for yourself and your thoughts
Get a massage
Take a hot bath
Practice EFT or MTT
Make time for lunch or tea with a friend
Write a long gratitude letter to a friend or loved one
Exercise (within your personal limits) every day
Rest as needed – make a regular bedtime a priority
Be sure to have healthy/healing foods on hand
Forgive others for their shortcomings and most of all – forgive yourself!

What’s your favorite self-care activity? Tell me!

  1. Thanks for the advice. Maybe it’s a gender thing. I’m a guy and not real fond of the holidays. The calendar is out and I’m crossing off the days. The quicker we get into January and spring, the better. I’ll put your tips to use!

    1. I can see how the holidays would have a completely different experience for you. I hope you get some quality writing time to yourself amid the hustle and bustle!

  2. Great article, thanks, Sue! It’s reassuring to know that I’m maybe not the only person out there who doesn’t really find Christmas a totally 100% joy-filled time. The true meaning of the season, yes. All the to-do’s that go along with it, not so much. If I’m honest, I’m a bit relieved when it’s all over with. As a working person and a mom (of two grown kids), I still feel the pressure to “make Christmas happen” and fulfill everyone’s expectations, carry on traditions, etc., even when it’s physically more than I can handle. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of balance and making time to take care of ourselves in the midst of our busy days. Some of my favorite ways to do this include: massage, deep breathing, praying (and asking others to pray for me), and hot baths. Turning off the TV. And telling myself it’s OK not to attend every social event since being around loud crowds really exhausts me.

    1. Great suggestions, Terri! So glad this post spoke to your own experiences as well. Isn’t it nice to feel that there are others out there who feel as we do? What a blessing! I pray for your continued ability to find rest and relaxation this season and that you’ll be able to begin the New Year full of energy to tackle what comes.

  3. My solution is to take a nice, long walk. Looking at the scenery while walking (the neighborhood, beach, woods, whatever) helps to take the mind of off things a bit, plus you burn a few calories!

  4. Great thoughts, Gerry! Nature is a wonderful way to connect, and reset our stress meters. Maybe in a small way, that’s what it’s like to bring nature indoors at this time of year. I’m looking at my tree right now 😉

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