July 29


Here’s Your Nifty New Salad Recipes!

By Sue Ingebretson

July 29, 2014

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heres-your-nifty-new-salad-recipesDo food sensitivities ever lead you to view a written restaurant fare list as more of a minefield than a menu? That’s how it used to feel for me. I avoid wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, grains, processed foods, food dyes and chemicals and more. And, I get tired of the same ‘ol salad recipes. So, what’s left you may ask?


Lots of taste-tempting foods, I say!


Oodles and oodles of new, vibrant, healing, and tasty foods await your kitchen experimentations. I enjoy an abundance of naturally nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods. And, I savor every delicious bite.  


Once you shift away from the bagged, boxed, and canned fake food options to what real nature has to offer, you’ll never turn back. I enjoy the abundance that gardens, farmer’s markets, and produce sections of my grocery stores provide.


But even though there are hundreds of foods to choose from, and thousands of combinations to try, I still love to seek out new taste sensations.


While I’m no longer a slave to recipes (I rarely follow one to the T from start to finish), I love using them as a jumping off point to get my creative juices flowing. I substitute my favorites for ingredients that don’t “work” for me. I substitute herbs that I have on hand for ones I many have to go out and purchase. I substitute either sweeter or more savory dressings or seasonings depending on what the dish will complement. It’s all a matter of taste.


That’s why I was excited to see that my foodie friend, Shirley Plant, is giving away some nifty salad and veggie recipes. I can always use more recipes, can’t you? You can grab your own Delicious Alternatives Week of FREE Salad Recipes by clicking here


Try these out and you can look forward to more opportunities to share with Shirley in the very near future. She’s got a lot of fun things going on, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


And, speaking of fun, I’ll be sharing an email with you in just a few short days about another event that I’m participating in. If you’re looking to learn more about social media, a dear friend of mine, Deb Scott, is releasing her new book.


I’ll tell you all about it later this week.


In the meantime, here’s to better health for the world, by taking positive action … one bite at a time.  

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