November 27


Self-Care Empowerment for Fibro

By Sue Ingebretson

November 27, 2018

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Can self-care empower your fibromyalgia recovery? Making self-care a priority can shift you into the realm of empowerment and confidence. This brings on chronic illness healing and symptom reduction. Is it time for you to evaluate where you stand?

Your healing journey may be just a few steps away.

Self-Care Empowerment to Change Your Life

Back when I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a self-care regimen that was just right for me, I had no idea I was going to change my entire life. I had no idea it could empower me to make better choices in my future. 

But, that’s what happened.

I made self-care activities a priority. I shifted my to-do lists to reflect my greatest desires of improved health. Instead of only getting to the gym if I could “find the time,” I made the time. I made sure that I had an assortment of healthy foods in the house because I decided that fixing nutritious meals was important to my overall goals.

I made a regular practice of enjoyable stress management activities such as guided imagery, restorative yoga, and even funny movies.

Is it time to evaluate your self-care practices?

Self-Care for the Out of Balance Life

Here’s the first question you need to answer: is taking care of yourself high enough on your to-do list to actually get done?

When I work with clients, they often have a difficult time with this shift. They state that putting the focus on self-care feels out of balance. They’re not used to putting the focus on themselves.

I completely understand. An out-of-balance life can contribute to an out-of-control health challenge. And, the very act of trying to restore balance can feel uncomfortable. At least, it can at first.

So, when beginning a new self-care routine, be patient with your progress. Be kind. Be persistent. I encourage you to start a new routine and add new practices as you go.

Become empowered to create your own healing plan!

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Did you ever think about the importance of self-care before you became ill? Don’t let another day go by.

Now, is the perfect time for you to take care … of you.

How are you going to begin? What’s the first thing you plan to do? Do you plan to review and improve your fibromyalgia diet? Or get moving with gentle fitness routines? Or, perhaps deal with the stress? Whatever it is – PLAN NOW to take the next step. Please share your thoughts and ideas below!


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