March 30


Spiraling INTO Control

By Sue Ingebretson

March 30, 2010

Acceptance, chronic illness, encouragement, Healing, journey, path

My book, FibroWHYalgia, had the working title of Spiraling INTO Control for several years.

Spirals are a fascinating symbol often found in nature. Look at sea shells. Look at the swirly tips of ferns and the twirly ends of roots. Both ends are reaching for something it desperately needs – warmth, nutrients, growth.

You’ll find spirals all over my work – on my website background:

On my personal business forms and bookkeeping, and on my book cover:

It’s not a random coincidence. I believe the spiral is a perfect representation of the healing journey. Even one step forward is progress – even if it’s not that obvious to you. You may feel you’ve taken umpteen steps only to find yourself smack dab back at the beginning, but look around. You’re not at your starting place. You’ve traveled a path of awareness. You know things now you didn’t know then. You are further ahead.

The reason I chose the tree icon for the cover of my book is that I wanted it to depict many journeys. None are the same. We’re each on our own path, yet sharing a similar experience. Spirals are unique, aren’t they? Comparing your journey to another’s is never positive. You either feel inferior in comparison and that you “should” be further along, or you feel superior to another. Neither is good.

So, back to my working title. Spiraling INTO Control symbolized, to me, the randomness of the healing journey paired with an action plan for wellness. In the end, the title, FibroWHYalgia jumped ahead as it seemed more fitting. The book is mainly about asking why we are sick and then seeking solutions. After all, we need to know why before we can answer other questions such as how, and when.

In what way do you view your own journey? Maybe your spiral path will spin off to another. Nothing linear about that! I encourage you to let your thoughts travel a more circuitous route. Stop looking for the finish line. Consider your past as necessary lessons bringing you to today. Keep moving forward and you’re assured success.

  1. “Even one step forward is progress ”

    I like that quote. When I look at my work demands, mess in my office, etc., I can think I’ll never get through. Yet each small step is seizing control and order back. And I know your use of this quote may be applied to a different situation, but the principle carries to other areas. Good post.

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