January 13


Break Down the Steps of Habit

By Sue Ingebretson

January 13, 2015

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Break Down the Steps of HabitWould you like to make your new goals, resolutions, or intentions for 2015 really stick? Well then, it’s all about forming new habits! We all have habits, so it’s obvious we’re capable of creating them. Some may be healthy. Others … not so much. Which habit would you prefer? To learn how to make your healthy habits stick, read on.

Here’s your Making Habits Stick tip for this week –

Break it down!

Doing anything in action-able chunks is easier than trying to do it all at once.

Ask yourself questions:

Let’s take working out, for instance. If you want to create a habit of daily walking, what are the first steps you’d put into place? Do you have an idea of where to walk, how far, and whether it’s inside or out? Will it be in nature or in your living room with a video? How many times per week will you participate in this activity? Where will you write down what activity you plan to do on what day? What will you wear? What time of day will you practice this new habit? Will you do your activity with an accountability partner? How will you track your progress?

Most importantly, ask yourself WHY you want to instill this habit. Is it to improve your health? Is it to avoid further illnesses? Key tip: Know your personal “WHY” and build your plans upon this foundation.

 Write it out:

Write down your intended habit and make it as clear as possible. Include the answers to the above questions and anything else that helps to clarify your intended goal.

Break it down into steps:

Now that you have your written intention, write down the basic steps you’d need to follow to make it happen. For example:

  • Lay out walking shoes and workout clothes the night before
  • Prep tools: i.e., timer, ipod, earbuds, video, etc.
  • Put on walking shoes and comfy clothing first thing in the morning
  • Refer to activity list to choose the day’s program
  • Get going!
  • Track progress
  • Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back
  • Prep for tomorrow!

Rinse and Repeat!

Sometimes, we make things more complicated than they really are. When we break things down into simple steps – and we repeat those steps – it’s amazing how far we can go.

Motivation is the RESULT of momentum.

Are you good at breaking down larger tasks into smaller steps? Share some of your great tips below. Or, do you need help with this process? Ask your questions here to get support from this Rebuilding Wellness community.

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