April 1


What’s Your Stress Assessment?

By Sue Ingebretson

April 1, 2014

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Adrenal-Summit-2014How would you describe your level of stress? Do you feel you have the average amount of stress or is it above average? Is it typical, normal, common, or off-the-charts? How would you really know? It’s hard to gauge unless you have a way to view it objectively. That’s why it’s exciting for me to share that the Stress Assessment report I’ve written JUST FOR YOU will be offered through the Adrenal Summit 2014. 


In my interview in the upcoming Adrenal Summit, I’ll share tips on what stress has to do with chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, weight management issues, and more. I’ll discuss how stress is linked to many chronic conditions and what that means for your health, specifically.


I’ll also share how you can get your hands on a free 23 page guide I’ve written called, Is Stress Making You Sick?


In this free guide, I discuss the differences between feeling chronically stressed and pathologically stressed. I talk about what stresses us out, i.e. work, home, family, health, money, etc.  I even give my own – completely informal – definition of stress —


“STRESS: The feeling of overwhelm, frustration, or hopelessness

regarding your personal ability to keep up, hang on,

or just survive the expectations

and circumstances of your life.

a.k.a DIFO (Daily Invisible Freak Out)”


This guide also includes several useful assessments to help you get a better view of your personal levels of stress.


You’ll find a Daily Stress Concerns overview as well as a Worries Category checklist. You’ll find a more comprehensive full-page Personal Risk Assessment for Stress-Related Chronic Illness and a Chronic Health Challenges list. 


This information and more is provided so that you can feel empowered to make healthier decisions. To get your hands on this free guide, please sign up for the free Adrenal Summit 2014 and listen in to my up and coming interview. You’ll be given exact instructions on how to get your hands on this free guide for yourself.


I look forward to sharing more news and information on stress, adrenal health, and chronic illness in the weeks ahead!


Go ahead, right now, and register for the free Adrenal Summit 2014. And, in the meantime, share your adrenal health challenge questions below and let’s get this conversation started! 

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