July 8


Surprising Healing Tips Using Coconut

By Sue Ingebretson

July 8, 2014

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Surprising-Healing-Tips-Using-CoconutDo you like multi-purposed products? What about foods that morph into multi-purposed products? I’d like to share some tips about one amazing item – coconut – and its healing benefits for nearly every part of your body. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself!   


I love it when one item can serve multiple purposes. Of course I’m very particular about the ingredients and products I use. And, I’m very frugal. That’s why it’s always interesting to share the powerful and healing benefits of coconut. Did you know that you can find benefits for the digestive system, brain, skin, hair, teeth, bones, and more? It’s one of the most profoundly economical products that I use.


On my Rebuilding Wellness website blog page, I feature an infographic showing all of the amazing parts of the coconut that serve a purpose. (If you’re reading this post directly on my blog — just look to the right.) It’s fascinating to see how many parts of the coconut have uses. And, by the way, that’s not just a Gilligan’s Island discovery. There’s more than just pie to meet the eye of a coconut.


I enjoy sharing recipes and useful tips regarding coconut in the classes I teach as well as with personal clients. I’m often asked for more info in emails and social media sites. So for convenience sake, I decided to condense much of this information into one post. 


Where do I buy my coconut products? I’ve been buying through Tropical Traditions for years and recommend them – and their products – highly. 


I personally use their gold label coconut oil, coconut flakes, dishwasher and laundry detergent, lip balm, and deodorant. I also use their coconut oil for pets since we make Pup’s food right here at home. I’m always pleased with the quality of the items I purchase and am willing to try new products.


Oh, and their recipe repertoire is quite interesting. Lots of yummy suggestions to try. 


Want to know more about the uses of coconut oil? Here’s a good, short article giving a brief description of various uses. 8 Amazing Uses for Bone-Healthy Coconut Oil. The article teases you with the header that item #2 will surely surprise you. 


One tip in that article — in my opinion — needs further exploration. While it’s not specifically referenced, there’s great affinity between oral health and Oil Pulling. Have you heard of it? If you’re not practicing this simple technique, here’s more information. Check out this post entitled, Oil Pulling for Oral Health.


How do you use coconut oil at home? The options are limitless! Do any of these suggestions in the above article surprise you?


Or, would any of your uses surprise this Rebuilding Wellness community? Would they surprise me? I love to be surprised with new information – do share in the comments below!



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