March 19


Talk Yourself off of That Ledge

By Sue Ingebretson

March 19, 2013

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Have you ever noticed that nighttime scary things don’t look scary at all during the daytime? Shining a light on anything fuzzy helps to sharpen the view.

Speaking of fuzzy, it’s common to avoid “shining a light” on subjects, events, and relationships that make us feel uncomfortable. All right, sometimes what we’re talking about causes more than discomfort. It could be downright scary.

So, how do you deal with the scary things in your life? Talk them out!

Talk to yourself (and answer yourself, if necessary) about how you’re feeling. Just see where it goes. Don’t judge.

Ask yourself what you’re worried, concerned, or afraid about, and then give yourself the latitude to explore it a little. Remember to be specific with your thoughts. Each time you express a concern, answer it with this question: What is it, exactly, about this that worries me?

Another way to talk yourself off the ledge of fear is to repeat supportive phrases that are applicable. Try these the next time you’re feeling “edgy!”

I’m capable of handling difficult situations.

I’m confident in my abilities.

I’m happy and secure in my job.

I’ve dealt with worse things before, and will do just fine this time.

I know how to care for my health.

I’m able to live comfortably within my financial budget.

This short list should be enough to get you started on creating your own inventory of supportive phrases. What’s your favorite “talk” phrase? Share below!

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