March 17


10 Tips to Tame Your Stress Tiger

By Sue Ingebretson

March 17, 2015

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10 Tips to Tame Your Stress TigerDo you think you need to check into a ritzy spa to tackle your stress problem? What about long walks on a faraway beach or somehow getting a wee break from work or family? Stress management tips aren’t always practical, are they? In today’s post, my friend and natural health colleague, Amber Krogsrud shares 10 Ways to Decrease Stress in 30 Minutes or Less. Here’s a practical and fresh look at quick ways to tame your stress tiger!

  1. Make a to-do list

It sounds painful, but it’s actually really insightful and a relief. Make three categories: what I really don’t want to do, what will take 10 minutes or less, what I can delegate or do later. Set aside the delegate or do later list.

Start with the painless 10 minutes or less tasks. Then move onto the really don’t want to do list. Use coping strategies below to help you (not kidding).

  1. Consume potassium

Or something that will increase your productivity. Here’s some suggestions of what works wonders for me:

  • Vegetable Juice from Evolution Juice
  • Greens powder
  • Anything with high potassium will do like a banana or an avocado

Fact: Avocados have TWICE the amount of potassium as a banana. Potassium gives you focused energy and mental clarity.

This works because mainly our diets are high in sodium, which in excess, makes us tired and weighed down. Potassium has the opposite effect on the body. It balances out sodium, leading to mental rejuvenation.

  1. Be generous 

Think of something you can give away. If you have nothing of physical possession to offer, say a kind word to someone who looks exhausted or consistently does their best.  It works on an energetic level which not only sparks them positively but you as well.

Too often we think positive thoughts of others in our heads but don’t say that out loud. We’re withholding a gift. Give that gift!

  1. Look at your calendar

Find the next day you have free in your planner, and do something that sounds reviving to you. Take 10 minutes and write out what an IDEAL day would look like on a day off for you. One day I had free, I went and visited WeWork Seattle, and another time I went to a new juice bar Green E Juice. Do something spontaneous. Plan whatever refreshes you. Or plan nothing at all!

  1. Drink liquid stress relief

If you are feeling anxiously amped up, consume something to balance your cortisol and stress response. It literally works on a physiological level to bring you back from wired to at rest and inspired. My go-to’s:

  • Consume adaptogenic herbs (in a tea or supplement is easiest)
    • Holy Basil
    • Astragalus
    • Stress Relief Tea from Yogi Tea
    • Chamomile Tea
  1. Think Powerful Thoughts

Ask yourself “what would I have to not care about right now to not be bothered by this?” Ask yourself it’s really of value to be fearful of. Fear is a present state, anxiety is contemplating a bad future state. Be fully present. That’s the goal.

  1. Sing Loud

They show the people who invite music into their day have higher levels of happiness. And if it’s only for two minutes in the bathroom, it helps! Listening to music, particularly instrumental focus music can also be a remedy. I love Tycho-Awake! 

  1. Go out in nature

Find something alive. Lay in the grass and watch the blue sky. Walk around the block. Keep living things in your house or your office. Looking at green plants is been shown to make you more creative. Who knows, the new found creativity might help you come up with inventive ways to knock some of those items off your to do list!

  1. Get grateful 

Jack Canfield talks about waves of appreciation. He walks through a room and literally appreciates everything in it–people too. Every item from the candle to the exquisite lamp to the leather chair had someone who formed and created it. Thus, there are literally unlimited amounts of things to appreciate! It changes you energetically. It’s crazy, but when you appreciate everything around you, something inside you appreciates in value too.

An affirmation to alter the day:

“I lead an epic, prospering life and I may feel stress right now, but my life is so good. I am going to power through and create outstanding work, regardless of the outcome. “

Be someone who communicates all is well.

  1. Oil UP

If you are using a computer during the day, you are likely slumping over and have sore shoulders (tight trapezius).

One trick that instantly worked to increase my alertness and help sore shoulders was to put a few drops peppermint oil on your shoulders or forehead. Its cooling nature is instant alertness!

Caution: Essential oils are highly purified active constituents of plants and should be used in small doses, like a drug is. They can be toxic if applied too liberally.
Here’s to your conquering of stress & powering through projects! I’m on your team. Tackle this day!


Thanks to Amber for sharing these great tips with the Rebuilding Wellness community today! You can learn more about Amber and her work below:

Amber is a Naturopathic Medical Student at prestigious Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Her passion lies in optimizing energy levels for busy students and stressed professionals. Check out her optimal energy and lifestyle blog, Thrive + Well at for more ways to combat stress, increase sense of well-being and optimize energy in your daily life!

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