October 2


Tapping Key for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

By Sue Ingebretson

October 2, 2018

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I’ve been Tapping for chronic pain and fibromyalgia for more than 15 years. (Even after recovery – no pain – I still tap.) I’ve used it with clients for more than 10 years. Tapping has proven to be a go-to resource for fibromyalgia symptoms and for chronic illness healing.

In this short article, you can view the tip of the tapping iceberg and get a gist of what it’s all about. Discover WHY this is definitely ONE healing modality you should be doing daily.

What IS Tapping?

Tapping (or, E.F.T., Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple tool that can be used to relieve stress, reduce pain, provide clarity, lower anxiety, and more benefits than I could ever list here.

Using your fingertips, you simply tap on several strategic meridian points on the upper body (head and upper chest). There are additional tapping points on the hands, too.

Some call it acupuncture

without the needles.

Needle-free is fine by me!

What Does Tapping DO, Really?

When I began, all I needed to discover for myself was that it works. There were no studies available to view. Luckily for you, now that confidence can be assured without even trying it. There are so many current case studies showing efficacy that I’d be hard-pressed to choose just one.

Good thing I don’t have to.

The great peeps at The Tapping Solution have done it for me. Here’s their page link to all things science and research-related for Tapping.

Tapping Science and Research

In a nutshell, tapping reduces stress signals in the brain. It helps to calm the body and by doing so, the body reacts in positive ways.

When used in therapeutic sessions, Tapping helps to provide clients with clarity, stress reduction, and pain reduction to mention just a few benefits.

The key here is that from this place of reduced stress, solutions and options become clearer and easier to implement.

HOW Do I Use Tapping for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness?

Here are two comprehensive articles I’ve written for my friends at ProHealth.com. They include everything you need to know to get started.

In them, you’ll find more information on the background of tapping, practical applications, and even some sample tapping scripts.

Tapping into Healing Success for Fibromyalgia with E.F.T.


Practical Guide to EFT Tapping for Fibromyalgia

Regarding my experience as a fibromyalgia practitioner, I was interviewed by one of my all-time tapping favorites, Gene Monterastelli of Tapping Q&A (a FAB resource on Tapping). Here’s the link to that interview.

Tapping for Fibromyalgia Teachers, Instructors, Practitioners

The Tapping Chart

This tapping chart can be found here as well as in the ProHealth articles listed above.

I’ve included it here for easy access.

Tapping Chart  – Fibromyalgia

Have you used tapping yet in your own healing practices? Have you ever worked with a practitioner? If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me here.

What are your favorite ways to use tapping? Share your experiences in the comments below!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on stress management inspired by this article.

5 Fibro Stress Strategies

Other articles in this four-part series include:

Relaxation Basics

Deep Breathing Calms

Moving Meditations


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