June 27


Thermotex Far Infrared for Pain Relief

By Sue Ingebretson

June 27, 2017

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Have you heard of Thermotex products which use far infrared therapeutic technology for pain relief? If you aren’t familiar with this new technology, I can’t wait to share details of the benefits. If you are, then you’ll be very excited to see what’s new!

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Why Far Infrared?

You know what a geek I am about wanting to know WHY things work (or why they don’t). I first read about far infrared technology in the early 2000s as I researched remedies for tick-related diseases. Far infrared saunas have long been known for their great benefits in dealing with detoxification.

The deep, penetrating heat of far infrared technology–

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases and/or improves circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relaxes muscles and joints
  • Improves oxygen flow which delivers healing nutrients to affected areas
  • Targets deep penetration of heat to the source of the pain or injury

Here’s an important note: If far infrared technology makes you think of sitting in a sweat lodge, think again. You’ll be surprised at how this product does NOT make you feel overheated. There’s some heat, of course, but it doesn’t deliver the sweaty, burning, or overly hot-to-touch heat that a run of the mill electrical heating pad can.

In fact, it’s time to throw my old,

well-used, outdated technology

heating pads away.

It’s amazing that the Thermotex pad delivers all the benefits of deep heat without overheating the body. Check out THIS VIDEO to learn more about how far infrared technology works.

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Why Thermotex? 

Because I’ve been jonesing for a far infrared sauna for so long, I was thrilled when I discovered this Thermotex product. I’ll be honest, a sauna would be awesome. But they’re pricey … not to mention a bit bigger than a breadbox.

Which brings me to the Thermotex product. I was pretty excited to see that it comes in a package akin to a breadbox (or more like an oversized shoe box). It’s super handy to simply unplug my device and store it in this reusable box.

It’s as easy as plugging it in and enjoying the benefits.

Take a look at the VARIETY of THERMOTEX PRODUCTS available for home use.

There are pads available in seven different configurations for those who want to use them on their feet, knees, elbows, wrists, etc. I prefer the Platinum pad as it’s the most versatile for me and can be used anywhere.

THIS is the exact product I have and use.

Sue’s Use of the Thermotex

Things have been interesting around my house for the past two months. We’re selling one home and building another. That means we’re trying to manage TWO houses that need maintenance, repairs, construction, and so on. About a month ago, I sorted through all of my closets, hauled things off to donation sites, and got rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need.

So, you can guess what happened.

As I’ve mentioned umpteen times in the past dozen years, I’m grateful to live nearly pain free. I figured out the healing matrix of protocols to heal my body from fibromyalgia ages ago and have enjoyed good health since then.

Of course, there are always peaks and valleys in any ongoing health journey.

I’m grateful that my peaks are more like molehills and the valleys are puddle-depth. But, even though my body isn’t wracked with the type of relentless pain that once held me hostage, I’m still vulnerable to aches and pains. And, as you know, aches and pains in the fibromyalgia body are probably experienced to a greater degree than for those who don’t have a chronic illness.

Like many of you, my body overreacts to slips, falls, sprains, strains, and just plain overdoing it. I can get a stiff neck, sore knees, and so on.

Several weeks ago, when I painted the deck of my balcony, it didn’t seem like a big deal as there’s not a lot of square footage. However, squatting down for hours and scuttling left and right crab-like as I painted probably wasn’t a good idea. My knees, ankles, and shoulders let me know that I’m not 15 (or 35, or even 55 for that matter).

Thankfully, my Thermotex had just arrived in the mail. I was grateful to have a quick, easy to use, and simple remedy for my aching body.

After plugging it in and allowing it to warm up, I first used it across both knees. I gave it a go for 30 minutes and then got back to painting. Later, I used it on my ankles and my upper back.

I sort of expected a significant flare the following day, but it didn’t come. Instead, I still ached (to a small degree) at specific locations (knees, ankles, and shoulders) but the flare of pain in surrounding muscles didn’t happen.

I’m not certain that I would have been worse off without using it, but I believe that’s the case. I feel like I headed the flare off at the pass.

I’ve since used it on my neck and shoulders on a regular basis. When my hubby came home after a long day of cutting and nailing up trim mouldings at the new house, I had him lie down with the Thermotex mat centered over his upper back.

He also noted that he was less sore than expected the next day.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m really enjoying using this product. I was recently asked if I had to come up with a downside, what it would be. I’d have to say this. The instructions are pretty scant. I think that in this day and age, most people hop online for usage instructions and directions. While Thermotex has this information available online, for old school people like me who want to actually read directions, I would have liked clearer illustrations on how to use it. The photos in the flyer insert are fairly small and it’s hard to tell how, exactly, to position the pad.

But of course, when a product comes with one cord and one on/off switch, it’s not all that complicated. Just plug it in and use it.  

What Health Conditions May Benefit?

Far infrared technology has been shown to reduce inflammation (which reduces pain) and speed healing to injured or inflamed areas. The following health challenges my find relief when using a Thermotex pad.

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bursitis
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • And, more

Natural Solution, No Negative Side Effects

Would you like to try a new treatment remedy that’s natural, non-addictive, and non-invasive? This effective pain relieving product provides soothing benefits with no negative side effects.

For more in-depth information, check out THIS LINK to read up on Thermotex clinical trials.

An Exciting Thermotex Offer for You

I’m very happy to be able to make this offer to you.

By using the add to cart button at this LINK, and the promo code below, you’ll be able to save $$ on the Platinum System (which is the specific model and product that I use) and purchase this product for only – $219!

Regular price for this unit is $249, so this is a great time to jump in and grab the benefits of this offer.

Additionally, if you you’ll also be able to receive this unit with FREE SHIPPING.

For the platinum product, use promo code – SUEINGEX.

For other products including the Knee Map, Foot Map, and Wrist Map, use promo code – SUEINGE. (Discounts will vary depending on the product.)

Simply click this LINK to save money on both the unit and on shipping. Make sure you click on this link soon as this offer ends in 30 days (07/27/17).

Would you like to experience the benefits that a Thermotex far infrared pad has to offer? Click on this LINK today and experience it for yourself!


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