September 26


Toenail Fungus Fibromyalgia Causes – 2

By Sue Ingebretson

September 26, 2017

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Would you like to know the underlying causes of toenail fungus? If you have fibromyalgia, or any type of chronic health challenge, fungal infections may be an issue for you. Getting to the root cause can help you to remedy this problem quickly.

Did you check out the toenail fungus symptoms list offered in Part 1 of this series? If not, be sure to check it out so that you don’t miss a clue of this sometimes hidden concern. Yeast, candida, and fungal infections can be very sneaky.

One way to better understand the infections that may lurk beneath the surface is to identify the causes.

Causes of (and Conditions that may multiply) Fungal Infections

Internal factors:

  • Poor or impaired gut health*
  • Nutritional deficiencies (missing macronutrients)
  • Nutritional deficiencies (missing micronutrients)
  • Dehydration
  • Poor circulation
  • Immune system imbalances (lowered immunity)**
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Use of prescribed and OTC medications
  • Frequenting nail salons for pedicures and/or wearing artificial nails
  • Immunity impairments after/during chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • Immunity impairments after/during steroid use
  • Immunity impairments after/during birth control prescription use
  • Toxin exposure (internal through consuming, breathe, or transdermal)

External factors:

  • Poor/compromised hygiene routines
  • Frequenting public pools, saunas, and showers
  • Toxin exposure (external contact)
  • Tight clothing/shoes
  • Warm, humid environment
  • Some fungi can transmit on contact

Environmental impact factors:

  • Lack of spiritual connection
  • Poor sleep habits / sleep deprivation
  • High/chronic stress levels
  • Isolation / loneliness / lack of connected relationships
  • Depression / anxiety
  • Lack of creative expression
  • Stagnation and lack of learning new concepts

* Poor gut health creates a cascade of health challenges including but not limited to poor nutrition absorption, lowered immunity, cognitive dysfunction, and much more

** Lowered immunity may commonly affect those dealing with fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, RA, MS, lupus, lyme, diabetes, cancer and other chronic health challenges

Cause of Toenail Fungus Summary

Do any of the above causes and contributing factors surprise you?

I hope so!

A wide variety of factors play a role in our wellbeing. The circumstances of internal, external, and environmental factors help to create either robust or compromised health.

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Poor gut health, for example, leaves the body vulnerable to infections, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, poor circulation, adrenal challenges, hormonal dysregulation, and more. This is a systemic issue with far-reaching impact. As you can imagine, one compromise leads to another.

Two Types of Toenail Fungus

For the purposes of this article, we’ll discuss two types – or levels – of toenail fungal infections.

  • The first type is a minor topical infection. It’s typically discovered at the beginning stage and impacts the surface of the skin, toenail, or affected area. The appearance of the infection is recent, is confined to a small area, and is primarily asymptomatic.
  • The second type is a bit more difficult to assess and remedy. This type of infection may have been noticeable for a time (weeks, months, or longer). It may be symptomatic meaning it may be painful, itchy, or create a burning sensation. This type of infection also has an internal component (such as leaky gut syndrome) that indicates the presence of an internal yeast/candida/fungal infection. This infection becomes systemic in nature and can impact the entire body.

Dangers of Toenail Fungus

Unaddressed toenail infections may seem like a minor issue. But, not so! Infections of any type can run amok when given the environment to proliferate. An unhealthy or unbalanced diet, in particular, can provide a breeding ground for the very type of infection you’re trying to eliminate.

Untreated toenail infections can worsen and spread to adjacent toes. Over time, this damages the nail integrity leading to the possible loss of the nail. Obviously, this is a painful condition which would be best to avoid.

Left untreated, skin fungal infections can spread, scar, and become miserable to live with.

Now that you know what symptoms of fungal infections to look for (found in Part 1 of this article), and you’re aware of the potential causes, it’s time to discover potential solutions and remedies.

Check out Part 3 of this article, available next week!

Have fungal, yeast, or candida issues affected your health? Share your experiences below!


  1. I’ve had extreme itches, but never really done anything about it until a year or so ago. Learning about microorganisms back in college days has been a godsend to me recently!

    Well I’ve had a real itch just in the crease 😉 just below the tailbone. Went to the doctor who wrote a prescription (you know docs get bonuses for prescriptions, eh?). Well none of it worked, but a small but very regular dose of coconut oil over time has done the trick. Same story with the tops of both big toes; same treatment, works like a charm.

    Since then I’ve taken my daily ritual of a heaping tablespoon. Not so tummy but works.

    1. John – Thanks for the great tips! Coconut oil on it’s own has great antifungal properties. There’s no doubt that infections and a lowered immune system go hand in hand. Or hand in foot? Thanks again!

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