April 27


Top 5 Ways to Conquer Chronic Illness

By Sue Ingebretson

April 27, 2010

Conquer Chronic Illness, Health Journey, Self-Education

I was asked the other day for the “gist” of what I say in my book, FibroWHYalgia: Why Rebuilding the Ten Root Causes of Chronic Illness Restores Chronic Wellness. That’s a tough request. Summaries feel so “bony” and leave out the good stuff.

Thinking of condensing the concepts of my book into bullet points made me dizzy. Instead, I thought what sorts of things am I always repeating? What would I want someone with chronic illness to know? I decided to list my ideas here and then expand on them in future posts.

These aren’t my final Top 5 things (as I’m constantly twirling on new ideas), but I did after all, have to start somewhere.

That’s a good lead-in. The first thing I’d like people to know is that you have to:

1) Start somewhere. Wherever you are in your health journey, start TODAY to learn something new and put it into practice.

2)  Become your own health detective. Find out what’s buggin’ you. What works against you from the inside (allergies/intolerances/toxins)? What works against you from the outside (toxins, etc.)?

3)  Have confidence in your decisions. Go ahead and seek the advice of experts, but you’re the only expert in “you.”

4)  Do research. Self-educate. New ideas/information won’t reach you if you don’t reach out.

5) Be open to new ideas. Some of most important healing principles were once scoffed at. Stop scoffing. Start deciding for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

So, there you have it. Five ways to kick-start your plans for a healthier future. There’ll be more posts to come on this weighty subject, so let me know what you think!

  1. Sue-
    Would love to chat with you by phone and Could you send me a copy of your book? I can write you a check for how ever much it is?
    I have lots of questions for you.
    Talk soon-
    Shennee Rutt

    1. Shennee,

      I’m happy to chat with you. Perhaps it would be better after reading my book, as we can hone in on specific subjects. You can purchase FibroWHYalgia through me on my website (www.RebuildingWellness.com) or on Amazon.com or B&N.com. Whichever you prefer. I look forward to chatting with you.


  2. Hi Sue,
    Love your top 5 ideas for conquering chronic illness, couldn’t agree with you more. I especially love starting somewhere. We can all make even the simplest of changes no matter what we’re doing. I think it’s all about being empowered. Those small changes lead to bigger ones that support our health.

    Great post!

  3. I suffered with FM all my adult life until last Summer. God delivered me from it. However, I’ve been down this detective road. I love this list you offer above. I also have a FM blog. It’s just sitting there now because I don’t have anything to offer now. All the info is there. I’m not as organized as you are though. Your info is better laid out. I do, however, feel God calling me into a speaking ministry the entails herein what you’ve listed and much more. I thank God for putting you in my path Sue. Many blessings.

    1. I can totally relate to your “mission.” We do have much in common. If you get a chance, read my guest post today on Lynn Mosher’s blog. Ask me if you can’t find it. I’d love to chat more with you. God has another plan for you, I’m sure.

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