June 5


Trudeau Kitchen Gadget Bonanza!

By Sue Ingebretson

June 5, 2012

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When I was contacted by a representative of a kitchen gadget company, I’ll admit I was a bit dubious. Send me a gift set of kitchen gadgets designed specifically for those with fibromyalgia/arthritis-type conditions (i.e. joint pain), and then blog about it? Wow! What an offer. Could it get any better?

Why, yes!

Here’s the great part – I get to give away a FREE set to ONE of my lucky readers! Before I provide details on how YOU can get your hands on a set, let me tell you a bit more about the Stress Less products that I’ve personally tested.

Stress Less Kitchen Tools

This six piece set includes a rotary cheese grater, can opener, garlic press, salt & pepper mills, and a pizza cutter.

My first reaction? Disappointment. In my non-dairy household, I felt there’d be no use for either the cheese grater or the pizza cutter, and I was bummed to not use the whole set … but (hint, hint) wait for the final analysis.

I started with the can opener. Because I wanted to figure out how easy these gadgets were to use without looking at the instructions, I’ll admit I got frustrated with the opener. Turns out the handles swing out from each other (der!) so that it can clamp onto the can. You’d think I’d figure that out, but even after I looked at the directions, none of the pictures showed the handles rotated out, so I thought they were stationary.

That little snag aside, the opener worked like a dream. I was impressed at how easily the handle turned and how simple it was to remove the top of the can – with no sharp edges. I especially like how it cleans easily and folds neatly for storage.

The salt and pepper mills were next. My engineering-minded hubby pointed out that the rotation of the Stress Less grinder handle produced more ground salt with less effort than our other grinder. And another perk? The coarse/fine adjustment knob actually works!

The garlic press impressed me the most, by far. Other presses are clumsy to use, hard to clean, and rarely worth the effort. I typically skip the useless devices and chop my garlic by hand. Well, no more! I was surprised to find that I could actually squeeze this press and make it work, but when I read the directions and saw that it could be placed on a hard surface for better leverage, I knew this design was for me. Even though I no longer have much joint pain, I don’t have very strong hands. The real kicker here, is that this press completely spreads apart for easy cleaning. The messy strainer swings clear of the press so it can be placed in the dishwasher. This is one tool I’ll use frequently.

And, the pizza cutter? Since Bill Clinton was in office the last time I probably ate a slice, I looked for other ways to use this ergonomically-friendly tool. It swiftly made quick work of cutting the ends off of fresh green beans and slicing celery. It chops cilantro and basil with ease. Because I have small hands, I was surprised to find that very little pressure was necessary and the thumb and finger rests on either side of the tool make it feel extra secure. And a removable blade for cleaning? Nifty!

The rotary cheese grater was the last item to be put to use. Since I’m not going to be grating cheese any time soon, I tried it out on some fresh ginger root. Why not? Surprisingly, it worked. Again, I thought having small hands would be a problem, but the circumference of the drum didn’t seem to matter. I was able to adjust my grip to accommodate, and the spring-loaded hinged door made it an easy task.

To view these tools and more, be sure to visit SHOP TRUDEAU.

So – by now you’re hankering for your own set, right? Easy peasy! All you have to do is leave a comment below this post and I’ll draw one name at random. Deadline for comments will be noon on Father’s Day, 06/17/12. I’ll notify the winner via reply to the comment and post the winner’s name in my June 19th post.

The only disqualifier here is being directly related to me (sorry Mom!), but everyone else … feel free to enter. May the best chef win!

  1. As a fibromyalgia sufferer with bilateral DeQuairvains in both hands I find it very difficult to use any type of kitchen utensil. After reading about these they sound wonderful but I know I couldn’t afford them as I live on Social Security disability & find I have very little extra money after paying for just the basics. Great design and I bet they’d be extremely useful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I really need these tools. I used to be a professional cook and love cooking dearly. Sadly now it’s sometimes weeks between meals because of the pain associated with cooking. If I don’t win I may just have to buy.

  3. I guess I’m the first to enter? Thanks so much for this giveaway, these gadgets look like they would make my life much easier when it comes to cooking!

  4. how cool!~i’m vegan but can think of lots of uses for these as my family is not.

  5. Howdy,

    I sure could use these gadjets in my kitchen.

    Thank you for having the giveaway.


  6. How awesome! I would LOVE to win a set. I can’t tell you how many times I have to ask for help because my hands are totally useless. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Hey there,
    These look very cool…I would definitely get good use out of all these goodies! Especially the press…I gave up on garlic presses years ago!
    John 🙂

  8. These would be wonderful to have. I have fibro and arthritis and love to cook. Some days pain in my wrists and fingers prevents me from doing simple tasks in the kitchen. These would certainly help. Thanks for the opportunity

  9. Wow…actual help in food prep, amazing! Thanks to the company for offering 2 free winners. And for your helpful review. : )

  10. Just a couple more ideas for the pizza cutter (for those able to eat “breads”):

    Slicing pastry dough into strips for lattice tops on pies
    Cutting bread dough into sections for twists, etc.
    Cutting quesadillas or similar foods into manageable pieces
    Removing the crusts from bread for children’s sandwiches

    It’s also great for mincing any fresh herb for cooking, and makes quick work of large amounts for things like pesto.

    Depending on how finely grated the result of the grater is, it might also be appropriate for grating carrots and cabbage for coleslaw, onions for potato pancakes, or zuchini and yellow squash for casserole dishes, etc . . . (The design looks like it might also work well for grating up nuts for toppings and use in recipes.)

      1. You’re very welcome. Can you tell I like to cook? When I fell and busted my mouth a couple of months ago, I was even using a garlic press to mash foods into something manageable, since we don’t have a blender any more . . . It took FOREVER, but I was so sick of yogurt that it was worth the effort. LOL

  11. It’s amazing how difficult simple tasks can be for fibromyalgia/arthritis sufferers. I think these could really help!

  12. I’ve always wanted to purchase Kevin Trudeau’s book, but now he has kitchen gadgets…I am really amazed and please with his motivation to reach out to the consumer with great information and products. Cooking for me is really a chore now that I am ill and I usually order out so I won’t have to go through the hassle of meal prep. But, with these items in this article, it appears my delivery service meals have there final notice to vacate my life. I appreciate people that cater to the ill population as many in the world are having to modify their lives around illness. Thanks for these gadgets and I hope he creates more in the near future.

  13. Products have a nice look, sound easy to use with my limited mobility, and easy to clean!
    Thanks for the chance at winning these products!

  14. Hello Sue,
    thanks for the review! We think there has been a little bit of confusion , we are a kitchen tools and gadgets company, but we are in no way affiliated with Kevin Trudeau. We share the same name, that’s all!

    Sue was contacted by our PR agency to try our Stress Less line. We are so sorry for the confusion!

    Thanks again Sue for taking the time to try and review our products. Cutting herbs with the Pizza Cutter is such a good idea!

    Melanie Lavigueur – Interactive Marketing Coordinator – Trudeau Corporation

  15. I have fibromyalgia and would love these tools. However, I have a friend with multiple kinds of arthritis and fibromyalgia. She has to walk using clutches which have wrecked her hands. She’s had to find different crutches and in October she’s going to have surgery on her hands, one at a time. If I win, I would gift them to her because her need is greater.

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