December 30


Post Party Tummy Trouble Tips

By Sue Ingebretson

December 30, 2014

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Post Party Tummy Trouble TipsIf you’re anything like me, you probably indulged in some holiday party goodies over the past several weeks. You’ve likely nibbled on cookies, gobbled some treats, and guzzled some nog. It’s enjoyable at the time, but after the last dishes are washed and put away, tummy trouble can linger (and linger … and linger). Check in with your tummy right now. Do you feel bloated, stuffed, sluggish, or gassy?

If so, here are a few simple tips you can implement right away. Why not hit the ground running before the New Year?

Tip #1 – Get Over It

Whatever you ate, whatever you drank, or whatever happened, it’s time to move on. Stress, frustration, self-recriminations serve absolutely no purpose. In fact, your inner self-talk can either be your greatest enemy or ally. You get to choose. Your self-talk may have paved the path toward your indulgences (it’s just one bite … it’s only at this time of year … I didn’t really eat much at dinner ….), but it can also pave the path toward healing.

Think in terms of the healthy future you desire. Make the decision – TODAY – to feed your body with whole, nutritious, nutrient-dense foods.

Tip #2 – Get Moving

Moving the body (walking, stretching, gentle yoga or tai chi, etc.) helps with digestion, metabolism, mood, deep breathing, detoxification, and much, much more. It even helps to reinforce and build the immune system. So, lace up the tennies, put Pup on a leash, and get going. Grab this opportunity to start the year off on the right step.

Tip #3 – Get Glugging

When clients tell me they’ve over-indulged in something sugary, starchy, and/or processed, the first thing I suggest is to drink plenty of clean, filtered water. It’s amazing how just drinking water can help to restore intestinal health and balance.

For tips on how much and when to drink, print out your own Downloadable Water Hydration Tip Sheet.

Tip #4 – Get Intestinal Support

Sometimes, our digestion issues need a bit of supplemental help. Two fundamental supplements that I take daily – and often recommend – are digestive enzymes and probiotics. There is a difference between the two.

For more information, check out this post on Three Remedies to Blast Belly Bloat.

Tip #5 – Get Immunity

Do you find yourself sniffling, sneezing, and coughing at this time of year? Holiday sugary treats definitely contribute to poor digestive health, which in turn leads to a weakened immune system. For a product specifically formulated for Immune System health, you may wish to check out this new UltraFlora Immune Booster probiotic.

There you have it … 5 Tips to tame your tummy troubles. Got remedies of your own to share? Please leave a comment below!

  1. I’m always drinking water, so when I do indulge a little and have something that I know will upset my stomach it’s usually not as bad. And when I’m caught off guard with a trigger, I keep drinking water while walking a stretching to help flush it out. My husband is a bit skeptic, but it works for me!

    1. Brandi – I couldn’t agree more and I’m so glad you’ve found solutions that work for you! Drinking water is the first step to repairing a dysfunctional (or impaired) digestive system.

  2. I’m really bad with drinking water as I don’t feel thirst and have to remind myself to drink. Lately I have been trying to make a pot of herbal tea, like green tea or jasmine, each morning to drink cold during the day.

    1. Lee — you’re not alone. Many who don’t drink enough water don’t feel much in the way of thirst. Because your body has been “trained” to not drink, in the same way, you can re-train your body to let you know when you are truly thirsty. It takes a period of drinking intentionally, and then your thirst will naturally return. So glad you’re drinking wonderful tea, too!

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